2014 MOST WANTED – Driver (Distance Awards)

2014 MOST WANTED – Driver (Distance Awards)

For the grippers, for the rippers, for the guy that wants 15 more yards, here is your 2014′s Most Wanted – Longest Driver in Golf.

Today is for the guys who are confident they can hit anything straight, or simply don’t care where the ball goes, so long as it goes far. Today, at MyGolfSpy, it’s all about the long ball. And we guarantee you, we’ve found the longest drivers in golf for 2014.

The World’s First Crowdsourced Putter Design

The Goal: To create the world’s first crowdsourced putter design on MyGolfSpy.

We’re talking about a putter designed not by a major manufacturer, not some famous putter designer either. Instead we’re talking about a putter designed by you and produced for golfers. That was the idea I had a few years ago. Because of to some legal foolishness, it took longer for this idea to come to life, but now it finally has.

It’s Called #MyEdel [READ MORE]

  • December 18, 2014
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First Look: 2015 Bettinardi Putters

While we have seen a good portion of the 2015 drivers, and a few sets of irons, we have not yet seen any of the new year’s putters. Today we change that. We get the putter lover in on the 2015 golf gear anticipation. Today, we get to see what 2015 holds for Bettinardi Golf.

We are not going to check out just one of the putters, or even one of the lines. Instead, we have all of them. We will show you the new Studio Stocks, the Queen B’s, a new Kuchar Model, a pair of DASS Signature Models, and something brand new, and innovative from them that is unique enough that it needs it’s own new product line. [READ MORE]

  • December 17, 2014
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Testers Wanted: Paderson Golf Shafts

Want to test one of the hottest new shafts for 2015?

The guys at PADERSON Golf Shafts have asked us to round up 12 MyGolfSpy Readers to put the company’s KINETIXx shafts to the test. The 12 readers chosen to participate in the community review will each receive a Paderson KINETIXx shaft.

It quite possible that PADERSON is the biggest and most successful shaft company that most golfer have never heard of, even if most of you have likely played a PADERSON designed shaft.

Until 2013, PADERSON’s focus was on the ODM/OEM market. Essentially, they designed and manufactured shafts for known premium shaft brands. PADERSON shafts also powered the two most successful direct response market club products in the history of golf; the original Adams Tight Lies, and the Orlimar Trimetal. [READ MORE]

  • December 16, 2014
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The Future of Adams Golf Isn’t What You Probably Think

It’s been nearly 3 years since TaylorMade acquired the Adams Golf Company. While many predicted that TaylorMade would eventually destroy the brand, that hasn’t happened yet…not totally anyway. Nevertheless it has been a period of great uncertainty with golfers, and likely those inside the company as well, unsure of where Adams fits in the larger picture.

On the heels of the shutdown of Adams headquarters; arguably for the first time since the acquisition, there is a real, and potentially viable, plan to actually differentiate the two brands, and the dividing line isn’t drawn where you likely think it is. [READ MORE]

  • December 15, 2014
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12 Game-Changers in MyGolfSpy Readers’ Bags

A couple weeks ago we asked you to tell us about your game-changing equipment of 2014. We wanted to know which gear had the most positive impact on your games. We believe in #ThinkBigPlaySmart and #PowerToThePlayer. We believe that empowering golfers with better information helps put better gear in your bags.

One way we do that is through the power of numbers. Since we now have over 1/2 million golfers reading MyGolfSpy now, we thought it would be valuable to get a consensus count of the gear that changed bags around the world for the better this season. [READ MORE]

  • December 11, 2014
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