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From Dot Com'er to Golf Club Designer to Spy

My name is...well we will just use "GolfSpy X" for now. I am an undercover Spy in the golf industry.

Back in 1999 while putting on the 18th hole, I had an idea that would change my life forever. I wanted to open the largest internet golf store on the web, sounds simple now but back then it was pioneering. I had never even owned a computer up to that point in my life, however this would change the next morning.

Within 2 weeks of having this idea I started an E-Commerce Golf Store. 3 years later I was designing golf clubs for some of the biggest names on the PGA Tour. Since then I have learned a lot about the business and made 100's of great connections with some of the best golf minds in the world. These connections gave me another idea though...

I Would Become A Golf Spy

When I was designing a club for golf club manufacturers I was being allowed inside the doors of some of the most "Top Secret" golf locations in the world. I was able to see club designs years before they were hitting the market (example: the first weighted drivers TayorMade 2004 and the first square heads Nike 2007). And that's when it hit me! I was going to give everyone the same access that I was getting. I knew golfers would love to see this stuff!

So I started my mission, but during the process I realized that golfers wanted to see more then just prototype golf club pictures. You guys also want a place to come and hang out and read about all the top-secret topics and golf related news going on in the golfing world. So that is what I am going to bring you at MyGolfSpy. You will get "Top Secret Golf News Everyday".

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