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The Goal: To create the world's first crowdsourced putter design on MyGolfSpy.

We're talking about a putter designed not by a major manufacturer, not some famous putter designer either. Instead we're talking about a putter designed by you and produced for golfers. That was the idea I had a few years ago. Because of some legal foolisheness, it took longer for this idea to come to life, but now it finally has.

It used to be that consumers were more-or-less powerless. We had to take what products were offered to us; like when your mother used to say you'll eat it and you'll like it. Not here guys. MGS wants to empower and inspire you to design a product you can be proud to say you were a part of creating.

It's Called #MyEdel


In the coming weeks you are going to help design the next Edel putter - the first of its kind. The team at Edel Golf features some of the most innovative club designers in the business. They make some incredibly beautiful equipment. In my opinion it's the most beautiful equipment in golf.

We are calling this crowdsourced design project the #MyEdel putter.

Each week you will cast your vote to help decide what head and hosel you like best, what inserts you prefer, and which custom finish combinations will ultimately be used. And really, these are just a sampling of the variables that will be settled by you as we create this limited edition MyGolfSpy putter. We will keep you updated on the progress of the putters through and our social media to give a you little behind the scenes look at how it all comes together.

Once your winning design is revealed, one lucky golfer will win the putter that tops the votes! Edel Golf will award the MyGolfSpy #MyEdel Putter to one lucky follower of Edel's Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook pages; so your best chance to win is to vote and like and follow all 3. These limited edition putters will be offered in limited quantities after the voting is all done and the putter is revealed.

The workbench of David Edel has provided some of the coolest limited edition putters and wedges, and now, MyGolfSpy & Edel Golf wants to let you decide what they create next.

P.S. - The voting for the first design element begins very soon. In the mean time, be sure to follow Edel Golf on Social Media.

Follow Edel Golf:

Instagram: edel_golf
Facebook: Edel Golf
Twitter: @Edelgolf












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First Look: 2015 Bettinardi Putters Wed, 17 Dec 2014 14:00:20 +0000 Dave Wolfe [READ MORE]]]> Post image for First Look: 2015 Bettinardi Putters

By Dave Wolfe

Happy Betti New Year

We all look forward to different things around the holidays. Some look forward to seeing family and friends. Many impatiently await the return of egg nog, while others revel in the rebroadcasting of Rudolph, Bumbles, and the other animated holiday favorites. I too look forward to that cadre of holiday returnees, but my true anticipation lies not for yule and airing of grievances. For me, the frosty season is not about the cheer, it's about the gear.

While we have seen a good portion of the 2015 drivers, and a few sets of irons, we have not yet seen any of the new year's putters. Today we change that. We get the putter lover in on the 2015 golf gear anticipation. Today, we get to see what 2015 holds for Bettinardi Golf.

We are not going to check out just one of the putters, or even one of the lines. Instead, we have all of them. We will show you the new Studio Stocks, the Queen B's, a new Kuchar Model, a pair of DASS Signature Models, and something brand new, and innovative from them that is unique enough that it needs it's own new product line.

We'll let you read what Bettinardi says about the new putters, see in-hand photos from all angles, and give you a touch of inside the ropes play testing. We've got all you need to know about what Bettinardi has in store for the coming year.

Let's get it started with the new 2015 Studio Stocks.

2015 Studio Stocks: SS2 and SS16

2015 Bettinardi Pairs-2

Specifications: 2015 Studio Stock

  • Material: Mild Carbon Steel
  • Finish: Olympic Bronze PVD
  • Head weight: 358g
  • Toe Hang: SS2=4:00, SS16=face-balanced
  • Loft: 3°
  • Lie: 71°
  • Grip: Blue Pure Grip Standard or Midsized
  • Headcover: Studio Stock Legend Blue
  • Available Lengths: 33"-35"
  • Dexterity: Right Handed
  • Price: $399.99

Fans of the Studio Stock line have had to wait a full year to see any new models. This is because Bettinardi has switched their Studio Stock (and BB) production to alternating two-year release cycles. That means that the 2014 BB models will be around until 2016, and that these new Studio Stocks will not be phased out until 2017.

The Studio Stock family grows by two members this year. OK so the SS2 has been offered before, but that was way back in 2011. The Studio Stock 16 is all new for 2015. This year's Olympic Bronze PVD is also new. It's a relatively tame finish compared to some of the previous Studio Stocks, but I think that most will find it very pleasing to the eye. There is not a touch of glare in the sun, and if previous finishes are any indication, it should hold up to play very well.

One interesting/surprising feature about these two is that neither one has the classic hex face milling or FIT face milling. Instead, they feature Bettinardi's improved Superfly milling on the faces. Maybe there are some previous Bettinardi stock offerings that I am not recalling that have been fly milled, but I believe that these are the first production models (i.e. non-Tour Stock) to feature the fly milled faces.

Bettinardi has also continued their relationship with Pure Grips, with the Studio Stocks coming with blue grips in standard or midsized. The headcover is also blue, correction, that's Legend Blue. Bettinardi aficionados will see some resemblance in these to the Multi-Hex Studio covers from 2010-ish. All-in-all, I find it cool that some of the features and cosmetics that were previously only found in Tour Stock putters have been added to the production lines.

One other think worth mentioning, these are milled carbon steel. I know that I put that in the specs above, but it's a big deal. It's tough to find any production putters being made in carbon steel these days. I'm not going to open up a carbon vs. stainless debate, but the carbon lovers should be happy that Bettinardi is still making putters in this softer metal.

2015 Bettinardi Studio Stock 2

2015 Bettinardi Studio Stock 2-7
2015 Bettinardi Studio Stock 2-6 2015 Bettinardi Studio Stock 2-4 2015 Bettinardi Studio Stock 2-3 2015 Bettinardi Studio Stock 2-2

The Studio Stock 2 putter is fashioned from our classic BB-8 style head, and a proven winner time after time on the PGA Tour. Milled from a solid block of faultless carbon steel, the hozel moved slightly forward toward the toe gives the Studio Stock 2 a traditional appearance. The evolution of our Super Fly-Mill face gives clear and distinct feedback at impact, yielding the results so critically desired. The raised shoulders and flattened bumpers distribute great weight displacement for perimeter weighting. A great blade look with the stability that will make its fair share of short and long putts alike, at address this putter looks money!

Here is the moneymaker, the workhorse, and likely the gateway putter for those who are thinking about trying on their first Bettinardi. The SS2 has the classic Anser style that most golfers will recognize. The overall feel and play also meets expectations, but still has a feel that is unique to the SS2. Carbon steel plays a role, as does the Bettinardi shaping. Don't just dismiss the SS2 as another boring clone. If you game this style of putter, it's worth a long look.

2015 Bettinardi Studio Stock 16

2015 Bettinardi Studio Stock 16-2
2015 Bettinardi Studio Stock 16-3 2015 Bettinardi Studio Stock 16-5 2015 Bettinardi Studio Stock 16-4 2015 Bettinardi Studio Stock 16-1

Milled from soft carbon steel, the Studio Stock 16 has an impressive semi-circle shape that features a double-bend shaft, flowing right into this face-balanced mallet. A custom radius tool helped shape the back flange that delivers crucial weight displacement for ideal perimeter weighting. The one-piece milling harmonizes effortlessly with the new Super Fly-Mill face, promoting and enjoyable, yet crisp feel when struck. The new Olympic Bronze PVD finish offers this mallet its unique beauty!

This little compact mallet rounds out the 2015 Studio Stock line. Rounds, get it? Anyway, this is another classic head shape that should catch the eye of the mallet friendly. I see the SS16 as an improvement over the previous line's SS15. Both are small mallets, but I thought that the combination of straight and round lines on the SS15 set up a bit of a visual conflict at address. The SS16 is definitely visually balanced, with the predominance of body lines being very sleek and round. For me, the SS16 is significantly easier to align at address.

The fly-milled face, or Super Fly milled to be specific, along with the carbon steel feels soft, yet sticky at address. The face grabs the ball, rolling it along with minimal hops or skids. I miss the more iconic Bettinardi faces, but these do feel Super Fly.

Bettinardi 2015 Queen B's

2015 Bettinardi Pairs-3

Specifications: 2015 Queen B

  • Material: Mild Carbon Steel
  • Finish: Savannah Blue PVD
  • Head weight: 360g
  • Toe Hang: Model 6=face-balanced, Model 7=4:00
  • Loft: 3°
  • Lie: 71°
  • Grip: White Pure Grip Standard or Midsized
  • Headcover: Queen B Royal Purple
  • Available Lengths: 33"-35"
  • Dexterity: Right Handed
  • Price: $375.00

Ha ha, you're playing a ladies putter. That's right my friend, the Bettinardi Queen B line targets the female golfer, and you are also right in thinking that I would totally game one, possibly both of these. Let's ignore the idea that I'm not the target market for a minute and run down my list of putter wants:

  • Interesting head shapes? Check
  • Amazingly Colored PVD Finish? Check
  • Carbon Steel? Check
  • Precision Milling? Check

I'm not sure what your putter buying check list looks like, but if a putter goes 4 out of 4 on that list for me, I'm in. These putters may be targeted at women golfers, but they should be checked out by all golfers. There you have it. The Queen B putters are now OK for 100% of the golf market to check out. I would play one of these in a heartbeat, and so should you, regardless of your nether part composition.

Sorry ladies, your secret is out on this one.

2015 Bettinardi Queen B Model 6

2015 Bettinardi Queen Bee 6-5
2015 Bettinardi Queen Bee 6-6 2015 Bettinardi Queen Bee 6-3 2015 Bettinardi Queen Bee 6-1 2015 Bettinardi Queen Bee 6-4

A wide body, face-balanced blade with a unforgettable finish, the Queen B 6 sets up impeccably square time after time. The wide flange encompasses a high toe top line, and end shaft look that radiates self-assuredness at address. The new Savannah Blue color is a breakthrough in PVD technology, guaranteed to astonish. Created from our soft carbon steel, the Queen B micro honeycomb milling gives the most discriminate player just the right amount of feedback at impact.

I love this putter a ton. It reminds me a bunch of the Studio Stock 9 , but I feel that it has improved on that model in many ways. First, the cavity is a bit wider, promoting a totally different feel at impact and also changing how the ball is framed at address. Second, the flange is wider. You can see in the address photo that this baby packs a wide load.

Third, and most significant, this finish is fantastic. The Savannah Blue finish may be my favorite Bettinardi finish to date. I thought nothing could top the Borealis Black finish on the 2012 Studio Stocks (see an example of the SS7 below with the Sig 9) but this one is prettier. The white Pure Grip and purple headcover perfectly compliment the Savannah Blue finish.

I can best sum up the Queen B Model 6 by digging up some old Outkast. It's so pimp it's ridiculous. 

2015 Bettinardi Queen B Model 7

2015 Bettinardi Queen Bee 7-2
2015 Bettinardi Queen Bee 7-3 2015 Bettinardi Queen Bee 7-5 2015 Bettinardi Queen Bee 7-7 2015 Bettinardi Queen Bee 7-8

A compact stout mallet, the Queen B 7 has a ridge milled neck that gently flows into the putter head. The square milling on the flange accompanied with the slightly elongated sightline helps frame the ball naturally at address. She's a perfect ten with the astounding Savannah Blue PVD finish, combined with the evolution of the micro honeycomb face milling. Milled fro the softest carbon steel, this slight toe hang mallet will provide the assurance and feel to make putt after putt when it matters most.

Bettinardi could have just changed the paintfill and the graphics on the SS16 to make it a "ladies" putter, other companies have done just that in the past. But that's not what the Queen B line is all about. These are unique putters marketed toward the woman golfer. These are not afterthought putters for the gals. Bettinardi is making kick ass, unique putters to address the needs and wants of the female golfer.

I've already made it clear that I'm ready to bend gender lines to play these. If I need to move up a tee box, I'm cool with that too. These are worth it.

One of the things that I love about Bettinardi putters is that they weave subtle tweaks and modifications into their putters. The Queen B 7 is a prime example. A more traditional approach to this putter would have been to go with the double bend neck, like in the SS16. Instead, there is a little flow neck, adorned with cool milled grooves. Not only does this change the looks of the putter, but it changes the play as well. The neck adds a touch of toe hang, and thus accommodates a little more arc with the stroke. It adds a nice dimension to the line, especially with the Queen B 7 already being face-balanced.

Bettinardi 2015 Signature Models

2015 Bettinardi Pairs-1

Specifications: 2015 Signature Series

  • Material: Double-Aged Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Tour Blast
  • Head weight: 348g
  • Toe Hang: Signature 9=face-balanced, Signature 10= 4:00
  • Loft: 3°
  • Lie: 71°
  • Grip: Red Leather Gripmaster Standard or Midsized
  • Headcover: Signature Red
  • Available Lengths: 33"-35"
  • Dexterity: Right Handed
  • Price: $495

These are the big kids in the Bettinardi line up. The Signature Models are like that six-foot seventh grade basketball player, you expect them to dominate the field. The Sigs were the first place that I looked when I got my hands on the new Bettinardi info. Why do I fixate on these? Maybe it's because they are limited to 1000 pieces. Maybe it's because they are made of double-aged stainless steel (DASS). I'm not sure. Maybe it's scoreboard. Scoreboard?

The Bettinardi Signature Model 6 was the first putter to grab the title of MyGolfSpy's Most Wanted Mallet.

Trivia Time: The Sig 6 was actually the first putter to earn the title of Most Wanted. These are beautiful, precision putting instruments, and they flat out roll the rock. You are going to pay a premium for Mr. Bettinardi's signature, but you and your 999 other club members will know that you possess something special. You may be reading this and thinking that I am just blowing hyperbolic smoke. You have the right to your opinion, I just hope it's educated. I hope you have rolled the various Signature models like I have. I hope you are only dismissing their majesty based upon the data you have collected. They may be expensive, but they are legit.

2015 Bettinardi Signature 9

2015 Bettinardi Signature 9-1
2015 Bettinardi Signature 9-2 2015 Bettinardi Signature 9-4 2015 Bettinardi Signature 9-5 2015 Bettinardi Signature 9-6

The Signature Models's are Bobert J Bettinardi's preference in design and performance, released on a basis of 1000 pieces per year. Milled from the finest stainless steel, the Signature Model 9 is a compact, half-moon mallet that frames the ball evenly at address. A true Bettinardi original, this putter was designed for maximum perimeter weighting that enhances the sweet spot, allowing more forgiveness on those short, must make putts. The perfect blend of material and face milling, our Super-Fly mill face complements the stainless steel in a supernatural way.

Oh look at that. One of the new Sigs is a half-moon mallet. A DASS version of the Studio Stock 7 you say? That same SS7 that is one of my favorite putters of all time? The same SS7 that I love but is too pretty to play? Yep, that one. Do you want to see it? Here are a couple of shots of the half-moon magical mallet and it's new stainless sibling.

2015 Bettinardi HMM compare-2 2015 Bettinardi HMM compare-1

The Signature Model 9 may not have the same visual impact as the SS7, but it makes up for it in durability and playability. Of all of the new models, I have spent the most time on the green with this one. I will tell you without hesitation that the Signature Models are not just wall-hanging collectables. I guess that they could be, they are that attractive. However, you would be missing the whole point of these, and that is rolling putts.

2015 Bettinardi Signature 10

2015 Bettinardi Signature 10-1
2015 Bettinardi Signature 10-4 2015 Bettinardi Signature 10-6 2015 Bettinardi Signature 10-3 2015 Bettinardi Signature 10-2

The Signature 10 is 100% classic Bettinardi. Engraved with Robert J. Bettinardi's seal of approval and milled from the finest 303 stainless steel, this putter is one you can rely on. The Bettinardi team is full of skilled engineers and expert craftsmen that have been milling putters since the early 90's, and have created this showcase model as the crown jewel of 2015. The blade style look with a tow-tiered muscle and high toe produces a deeper face, which gives the ball a pure match with the sweet spot. Using the Bettinardi Honeycomb pattern milled into the face, this putter will be the one for the ages!

JAM baby JAM. Here is another head shape that was last available as part of the 2011 Studio Stock line. I'm afraid that it is another gusher for me. This too is one of my favorite head shapes. The high toe, coupled with the sweeping lines of the bumpers makes for an impressive visual package. This putter is also a cup killer. While performance will be somewhat subj ective based upon the swing of the player, I'd be shocked if the slight arc player doesn't find this blade a valuable putting tool. It sets up so square and just sweeps through the hitting area. Yet again, beauty and beast. It also has a nice little ring at impact.

2015 Bettinardi Signature 10-8

One huge change this year that I have not yet mentioned is the new grip on the Signature Models. During our most wanted tests last year, quite a few testers commented about how much they liked the feel of the Signature putters, but disliked the feel of the grips. The leather grips were slick, and overall quite uncomfortable. These new red leather gripmasters are a HUGE improvement over last year's grips. They feel amazing, both in shape and in texture. The under layers are better formulated to match the hands as you grip the putter, and the now perforated leather provides ample, and supple tactile interaction. This new grip now feels like a grip that should be found on a premium putter.

2015 Bettinardi Matt Kuchar Model 2 HMM

2015 Bettinardi Kuchar Pair

Specifications: 2015 Matt Kuchar Model

  • Material: Mild Carbon Steel
  • Finish: Meridian Blue PVD
  • Head weight: Standard = 350g / Kuchar Arm-Lock = 400g
  • Toe Hang: 3:30
  • Loft: Standard = 3° / Kuchar = 7°
  • Lie: 71°
  • Grip: Gray Pure Grip Standard or Midsized / 17" Gray Winn
  • Headcover: Kuchar Signature White/Blue
  • Available Lengths: Standard = 35" / Kuchar = 42"
  • Dexterity: Right Handed
  • Price: $375.00

2015 Bettinardi Matt Kuchar Model 2 HMM

2015 Bettinardi Kuchar 2HM-1
2015 Bettinardi Kuchar 2HM-2 2015 Bettinardi Kuchar 2HM-5 2015 Bettinardi Kuchar 2HM-6 2015 Bettinardi Kuchar 2HM-4

The Kuchar model #2 Halfmoon has all the attributes of the popular armlock putter that PGA professional Matt Kuchar plays. The only exception is the extreme offset has been eliminated. Robert and Matt teamed up to design the first center shafted armlock putter, something truly unique in arm lock technology which has zero offest with 7 degrees of loft. With the anchoring ban set to take place in 2016, this center shafted armlock is sure to entice more users into this effortless putting style. Milled from soft carbon steel and featuring Bettinardi's patented FIT Face technology, you will be amazed at the ease of the Kuchar #2 Halfmoon!

The Game of Thrones quote Winter is Coming implies that there is danger on the horizon. In that show, it means that danger is approaching from the north (or it means that we will all die before Mr. Martin finishes writing the damn books). In golf though, that approaching winter is the onset of the anchoring ban in 2016. Putter changes will need to be made for some to keep playing. Keegan has already started rolling standard length putters, and quite a few of the top players like Simpson, Scott, and Clark will need to do something too. We are nearing the T-minus one year mark on anchoring.

Matt Kuchar don't care. He's the honey badger of anchoring. Is that reference already dated? How about this? Matt Kuchar arm locks better than Boogaloo Shrimp pops and locks. That's right. Week after week on the PGA tour, Kuchar performs his rendition of Armlock 2 Electric Boogaloo. Does it work? The proof is in the paycheck.

Bettinardi and Kuchar have put together a nice little partnership over the past few years. I think that it's safe to infer from the existence of a new model that this partnership will continue for a while, becoming even more important in the coming year as all of the cheaters are forced to ditch the anchored putters. Relax, that cheaters was sarcasm. I don't care if people putt with anchored magical llamas. Golfers need all the help they can get to make putts on the modern 12 stimp, 6% greens.

Anyway, the Kuchar Model 2 HMM adds a new center-shafted, half-moon mallet to the Kuchar line. It's got a bit of toe hang, and a little less aggressive half-moon shape when compared to the Sig 9. To my eye, it resembles the older BB53 more than a true HMM. HMM semantics aside, the Model 2HMM is quite a bit different from the other Model 2, both in appearance and in play. It's a true third model in the Kuchar line-up.

As a bonus, for those of us whose armlockin' is whack, Bettinardi is also releasing the Model 2 HMM as a standard (non-armlock) version.

2015 Bettinardi iNOVAi

2015 Bettinardi Pairs-4

Specifications: 2015 iNOVAi

  • Material: 6061 Aircraft-Grade Aluminum / Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Black Anodized
  • Head weight: Standard = 350g / Counterbalance = 400g
  • Toe Hang: face-balanced
  • Loft: 3°
  • Lie: 71°
  • Grip: Black Pure Grip Standard or Midsized / 17" Black Winn
  • Headcover: iNOVAi Black
  • Available Lengths: Standard = 33-35" / Counterbalance = 38"
  • Dexterity: Right Handed
  • Price: Standard = $300.00 / Counterbalanced = $350.00

2015 Bettinardi iNOVAi

2015 Bettinardi iNOVAi-02
2015 Bettinardi iNOVAi-03 2015 Bettinardi iNOVAi-09 2015 Bettinardi iNOVAi-08 2015 Bettinardi iNOVAi-11

The iNOVAi High MOI mallet is absolutely a work of art. In the design of this truly forgiving putter, Bettinardi Golf has pulled out all the stops. It encompasses a great feel with one of the most beautiful looking putters we have ever produced. The putter head itself is milled from 6016 aircraft aluminum, and included in the milling is a very discernible milled stainless steel weight that is placed low and away from the face. It has two cut outs, strategically milled from the body along with side by side score lines. A Superfly mill and F.I.T (Feel Impact Technology) face are applied to allow for the softest, yet most responsive feel on an aluminum putter head. The "iNOVAi" stands for innovation and we are sure you will agree.

If this article was an Apple new product presentation, the Bettinardi iNOVAi would be the one more thing of the presentation. One might argue that it could also be the what the hell is that? part of the article. I get that. The iNOVAi has a touch of the mallet madness. It's a multi-material mallet monstrosity. OK, so it's not monstrously huge, but it is composed of aluminum and stainless steel. It has a Flymill face, and a fit face. It's experimental, and arguably Frankensteinian. It's not the norm, and that's frightening. Once the shock wears off though, I bet you won't see fear when you look at the iNOVAi, but rather the smiling face of your new putting friend.

2015 Bettinardi iNOVAi-07

I am already on record about my love of the aluminum mallet. The SuperStroke/Sizemore Fatso, the Cameron Futura X, and the Bettinardi BB55 are all killer aluminum mallets. The iNOVAi shares some heritage with the BB55, and also the BB54. The iNOVAi has the parallel holes of the BB55, along with the alignment "T" and a stainless tail weight like the one found in the BB54, though the iNOVAi's rounded "smile" weight is more attractive in my opinion.

As with any putter that breaks from the norm, people are going to love or hate the looks of the iNOVAi. That's what personal opinion is all about. It would be a boring world if we all found the same things to be attractive. However as I've said before, and I'm sure will say again, don't dismiss a different looking putter until you roll some balls with it. Departing from the norm is how we discover new and amazing things. Think of how strange the Anser looked compared to other putters when it arrived. I am sure that many of the Calamity Jane users dismissed the Anser as hogwash.

Old Friends, New Friends, and Innovation

All in all, I think that Bettinardi has produced a very compelling stable of putters for 2015. The Studio Stocks are very traditional. The Queen B's are definitely going to cross the gender barrier. Kuchaloo has another option as he armlocks his way to millions, and the Sigs are flat out ridiculous. Then you have the iNOVAi, a chimera of previously successful Bettinardi ideas. Time will tell if the game of the iNOVAi lives up to the designers intentions.

Time will tell?, you ask. Good catch there. At MyGolfSpy, we don't just let cliche' decide the performance of a putter, we test performance directly, measuring accuracy head to head. Hopefully we will see these putters again when we test to determine 2015's Most Wanted Mallet and Most Wanted Blade putters. As I mentioned earlier, Bettinardi already has Most Wanted scoreboard. Perhaps one of these 2015 beauties will snag the title for them again. Any predictions?


Bonus Gallery:

Grips, Headcovers, and More!

2015 Bettinardi Studio Stock 2-1 2015 Bettinardi Studio Stock 2-5 2015 Bettinardi Signature 9-3 2015 Bettinardi Signature 10-5 2015 Bettinardi Queen Bee 7-6 2015 Bettinardi Queen Bee 6-2 2015 Bettinardi Queen Bee 7-4 2015 Bettinardi Kuchar 2HM-3 2015 Bettinardi iNOVAi-10 2015 Bettinardi iNOVAi-07 2015 Bettinardi iNOVAi-06 2015 Bettinardi iNOVAi-05 2015 Bettinardi Studio Stock 2-8 2015 Bettinardi Signature 10-7 2015 Bettinardi Kuchar 2HM-7 2015 Bettinardi Queen Bee 7-9 2015 Bettinardi iNOVAi-01 2015 Bettinardi headcovers-01 2015 Bettinardi headcovers-04 2015 Bettinardi headcovers-05 2015 Bettinardi headcovers-06 2015 Bettinardi headcovers-08 2015 Bettinardi headcovers-07 2015 Bettinardi headcovers-09 2015 Bettinardi headcovers-10 2015 Bettinardi headcovers-11 2015 Bettinardi headcovers-12 2015 Bettinardi headcovers-13 2015 Bettinardi headcovers-14 2015 Bettinardi headcovers-15 2015 Bettinardi headcovers-03 2015 Bettinardi headcovers-02 ]]> 12
Testers Wanted: Paderson Golf Shafts Tue, 16 Dec 2014 19:00:45 +0000 Tony Covey [READ MORE]]]> Post image for Testers Wanted: Paderson Golf Shafts

The guys at PADERSON Golf Shafts have asked us to round up 12 MyGolfSpy Readers to put the company's KINETIXx shafts to the test. The 12 readers chosen to participate in the community review will each receive a PADERSON KINETIXx shaft. And yes...of course you get to keep the shaft when you're done.

To qualify you must either be able to install the shaft yourself, or be willing to have the shaft professionally installed. You will also need to supply your own tip/adapter (where necessary) and grip (we assume you'll need one of those).

About Paderson

It quite possible that PADERSON is the biggest and most successful shaft company that most golfer have never heard of - even if most of you have likely played a PADERSON designed shaft.

Until 2013, PADERSON's focus was on the ODM/OEM market. Essentially, they designed and manufactured shafts for known premium shaft brands. PADERSON shafts also powered the two most successful direct response market club products in the history of golf; the original Adams Tight Lies, and the Orlimar Trimetal. I know you've heard of those.

As a result of what the company bills as a major core construction breakthrough, PADERSON has shifted its focus to its own brand. Early returns are positive as the company's KINETIXx shafts will be available as an upgrade option within several of the major OEM's 2015 lineups.

A Technology Company 1st

PADERSON is the only company in the world to offer visible fiber structure technology. And that (read more about it here)'s important. First and foremost, PADERSON is a technology company, albeit one that happens to own a state of the art manufacturing facility capable of producing 10s of millions of shafts annually. That kind of capacity is basically unheard of in the golf industry.

What's perhaps most compelling, and most relevant to you is that PADERSON shares our philosophy of putting the consumer first. Part of the PADERSON mission is to dispel the notion that a true premium shaft offering needs to cost $400 or even $1000. It doesn't.

Despite the most advanced material construction in the industry; a composition consisting of Kevlar and and 3K carbon fiber that offers 20 times the elastic strength of steel, the most expensive offering in the PADERSON lineup has retail price (uncut shaft) of $199.

It all sounds pretty good right? But can PADERSON KINETIXx shafts really, as the company claims, substantial increase ball speed, provide better overall performance?

That's where you come in. We need 12 readers to help us separate fact from fiction.



  • Must be a resident of the USA
  • Must be a MyGolfSpy Forum Member in good standing
  • Must be able to string sentences together in a coherent fashion (wit and humor are a bonus)
  • Must be capable of producing quality photos of golf equipment
  • Must have willingness, time, and ability to thoroughly test a PADERSON KINETIXx Shaft.

How To Enter

1. Follow this link to the PADERSON Shaft Testing thread in the MyGolfSpy Forum (If you're not already a member, register here).

If you're selected to test, you will be asked to fill out a brief fitting questionnaire to help ensure you're sent the right Paderson shaft for you.

That's all there is to it.

If you missed the link above:

CLICK HERE to throw your hat into the ring to become a MyGolfSpy PADERSON shaft tester.

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The Future of Adams Golf Isn’t What You Probably Think Mon, 15 Dec 2014 14:00:50 +0000 Tony Covey [READ MORE] ]]> Post image for The Future of Adams Golf Isn’t What You Probably Think

Written By: Tony Covey

What does the future hold for Adams Golf?

Now that Adams HQ has been closed what will TaylorMade do with the brand? Will Adams continue to do what it does from TaylorMade's home base in Carlsbad? Is it destined to become a brand exclusively for old men and hackers, or will TaylorMade effectively kill off the brand entirely?

After nearly 3 years, real answers are finally starting to emerge.

3 Years in Limbo

It's been nearly 3 years since TaylorMade acquired the Adams Golf Company. While many predicted TaylorMade would eventually destroy the brand, that hasn't happened yet...not totally anyway. Nevertheless it has been a period of great uncertainty with golfers, and likely those inside the company as well, unsure of where Adams fits in the larger picture.

Given former TaylorMade CEO Mark King's statements at time of purchase, it has come as no surprise that as Adams worked through its product pipeline, we've seen a gradual but undeniable shift in the scope of Adams' offerings. Most apparent in its iron offerings, the company no longer offers the proverbial something for everyone.

From day one of the acquisition, the suggestion was that TaylorMade would focus its offerings exclusively on better golfers (a story no one actually believed), while Adams would be positioned for the average golfer and senior players.

The problem with that strategy is that, in the context of the golfing population and the marketplace, TaylorMade's claimed wheelhouse, the 0-4 handicap demographic, is basically non-existent. It's the extreme edge of the bell curve. It's not a money-maker. In the real word where success is measured in dollars, and TaylorMade's marketing targets everyone and anyone with money to spend on golf clubs, the two brands have remained direct competitors.

When it comes to absolute marketshare, that's not all bad. In a year where TaylorMade's numbers are off, the overlap in product means that the larger TMaG empire can still lay claim to 1 of every 2 metalwoods, and 1 of every 3 iron sets sold.

The consequence, however, according to TaylorMade's new(ish) CEO, Ben Sharpe, is that lack of differentiation between brands has "caused confusion on the part of the consumer between what is TaylorMade, what is Adams, and what's the difference".

That's about to change.


On the heels of the shutdown of Adams headquarters; arguably for the first time since the acquisition, there is a real, and potentially viable, plan to actually differentiate the two brands, and the dividing line isn't drawn where you likely think it is.

While Sharpe doesn't shy away from the fact that there are clear savings associated with closing Adams headquarters, the biggest benefit of moving the Adams team to Carlsbad is realized through closer cooperation between product teams.

"If the Adams guys are speaking to the TaylorMade guys then we're making sure we're offing a complimentary position rather than a conflicting position". - Ben Sharpe, CEO, TaylorMade-adidas Golf

During his first 100 days in office Mr. Sharpe asked lots of questions. Among those was one he posed to the employees of the TaylorMade Golf Company:

"Why do you love the game of golf?"

As you might imagine, the answers were wide-ranging. Some talked about hitting the perfect shot. Others talked about time spent with family and friends. For Sharpe, they key takeway was that it's both possible, and reasonable to divide golfers into two groups.

"There are people who want to compete and there are people who just want to play". - Ben Sharpe, CEO, TaylorMade-adidas Golf Company

Think about that. Some golfers compete. Others just want to play.

Play. As in have fun, enjoy yourself, and don't get worked up about the number you write down...if you even write a number down at all.

Can you see where this is going?

TaylorMade will offer what I suppose you could call mainstream products for the competitive golfer. It will continue to innovate and compete with Callaway, Titleist, PING and others. Adams will be positioned in a space that Sharpe describes as more fun, friendly, and inviting for golfers who just want to go out and play.


That's fairly open-ended, and I suspect we'll have a clearer picture of what that actually means when the next generation of Adams products is announced, but what I believe we're talking about is a strategy that focuses almost exclusively on the recreational golfer.

We're talking about a brand, not for the highly competitive golfer, not for those of us with a standing two dollar Nassau, almost certainly not for those of you who play by the absolute letter of the USGA's rulebook, but rather for the guy simply looking to have a good time on the golf course.

Could that actually work?

Given the undeniable role the PGA Tour plays in retail success, I'm far from certain that it's possible to be successful with what will likely be a recreational line with almost no Tour exposure. The Adams hybrid legacy is likely to continue on tour, but that's almost certainly the full extent of it.

I could argue that the recreational golfer likely represents the majority. I could also point out that as group, the purely recreational crowd isn't currently being specifically targeted by any major OEM.

I could just as easily argue that it doesn't need to be.

Unless we're talking about non-conforming, something clearly distinct from what's already on the shelf, or at an absolute minimum, something significantly cheaper than offerings from competitors, do the wants and needs of recreational golfers really differ from the rest of us?

We'll find out soon enough.

Adams as a Vehicle for Growth

I'd wager the plan for Adams is directly tied-in to something else Sharpe and I spoke about during our 30 minute conversation; his belief that the best way to grow golf is through positivity.

If you consider what's being discussed in the various grow golf circles, including TaylorMade's own Hack Golf initiative, much of the focus is on fixing things that are perceived to be broken with golf.

  • Golf is too expensive.
  • Golf is too hard, we need to make the holes bigger.
  • Golf takes too long, we need shorter courses, faster play, and the option to play fewer holes.

Sharpe doesn't think that's the best approach. To grow the sport, those with a vested interest in doing so should be talking about what's great about golf rather than focusing on what's wrong.

Could the Adams brand be used as a vehicle for growth? Maybe I'm reading a bit too much between the lines, but some of what Sharpe told me certainly suggests that possibility.

"Adams can be a lot more than just another golf equipment brand. It can represent a movement about trying to bring excitement, fun, and entertainment into the game. It can, if we get it right, go beyond just products". - Ben Sharpe, CEO, TaylorMade-adidas Golf

It almost sounds like HackGolf 2.0, presumably without the gimmicks.

The End of Adams

No doubt fans of the brand will see this new strategy, whatever it proves to be, as the nail that seals the Adams coffin. To an extent that may be a fair appraisal. The new positioning comes with an implicit non-compete clause with TaylorMade. For those holding their breath for the next great Adams club for the better player, it's time to exhale and move on.

Adams will never again be the Adams that so many of us loved. That much is certain.

Maybe I'm overly optimistic, possibly even delusional, but if the new Adams is able to offer something new, unique, and most importantly useful to the recreational golfer, maybe Adams fans can find some solace in talking about what Adams is instead of lamenting what it once was.

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12 Game-Changers in MyGolfSpy Readers’ Bags Thu, 11 Dec 2014 14:00:23 +0000 Tony Covey [READ MORE]]]> Post image for 12 Game-Changers in MyGolfSpy Readers’ Bags

2014 WITB MyGolfSpy Readers

What's the #1 driver in the bag of the average golfer? What about irons? Wedges?

We know what the pros play, but they're paid to play what's in their bags. Money most certainly dictates their preferences. What about the guys who don't get paid to play? What about guys like you? Which clubs are helping drop your score?

A couple weeks ago we asked you to tell us about your game-changing equipment of 2014. We wanted to know which gear had the most positive impact on your games.

We believe in #ThinkBigPlaySmart and #PowerToThePlayer. We believe that empowering golfers with better information helps put better gear in your bags. One way we do that is through the power of numbers. Since we now have over 1/2 million golfers reading MyGolfSpy now, we thought it would be valuable to get a consensus count of the gear that changed bags around the world for the better this season.

We asked, you responded. We asked you to give us a list of clubs, training aids, gadgets, apps and more that helped make you the best golfer you could be in 2014.

What you guys gave us, for all intents and purposes, is the unofficial "2014 WITB of MyGolfSpy Readers".

TaylorMade SLDR Driver


By an astonishing margin, you selected the Taylormade SLDR as the most impactful driver of 2014. It was also easily the most decorated driver of the season. It won our 2014 Most Wanted Driver competition, and received more than it's fair share of awards elsewhere. For those who haven't yet put a SLDR in their bag, with the R15 on the way, prices have never been better.

Callaway X2 Hot FW Woods

Callaway X2Hot-FW

While it was inarguably TaylorMade's RocketBallz that put the fairway wood back on the map, one can easily make a solid argument that Callaway is the company that's kept it there.

Given the abundance of loft options, a compact pro model, and a deep option for those looking for something more pro than pro, Callaway's X2 Hot fairway really does offer performance for everyone, and I suspect that's exactly why so many of you have one in your bag.

Callaway X2 Hot Hybrids


When the MyGolfSpy staff visited the Ely Callaway Performance Center two years ago, we were more than a little impressed with the X Hot fairway wood, so I can't say we were the least bit surprised to see you mention the X2 Hot more than any other hybrid.

Arguably only Adams is really known for their hybrids, but if Callaway continues their stellar work in this category (and with the new Bertha it appears they have), that may change.

Callaway Apex Forged Irons


Callaway's Apex iron may be the least surprising product on this list. While we don't have much in the way of personal experience to pull from, we can tell you that Apex is a large part of the reason why Callaway laid claim to the number #1 selling iron brand in golf for the better part of this year. If nothing else, that tells us that consumers really like it.

More impressively, I think, was the tremendous amount of buzz around the iron. More than any other product on the shelf, Apex was the iron that golfers wanted to talk about - mostly to tell me how damn good it is. While a good bit of the season was spent celebrating the return of Big Bertha, we think it's the Apex that deserves top billing.

Titleist Vokey SM5 Wedges


It's a little surprising that the habitual #1 wedge in golf would top your list of game-changing wedges, but I suppose it makes sense. Chances are you loved the SM3, and the SM4, and now the SM5 is your Vokey of choice.

No company in golf has a following as loyal as Titleist, and that dedication is reflected in your continued reliance on what is at an absolute minimum, the most reliable wedge in golf.

PING Ketsch Putter


The most talked about putter of 2014, the Ketsch is no stranger to MyGolfSpy readers. While you probably know that it won our 2014 Most Wanted Mallet Competition, it's certainly gratifying to hear that so many of you put the Ketsch in your bag and are putting better because of it.

Unfortunately, after PING discovered an issue with the depth of Ketsch's TR grooves, inventory became scarce. While we'll anxiously wait to see if the next Ketsch can match the performance of the original, there is still some inventory out there for those who don't want to wait.

Oban Kiyoshi Shafts

oban-kiyoshi shafts

When you consider that Oban shafts come stock in basically nothing, aren't available at your local proshop, and are, in comparative terms, scarce on eBay, it's impressive that you listed the company's Kiyoshi shaft series more than any other driver/fairway shaft. We're big fans too. Big fans.

With the 2014 additions of the high-launch, mid-spin Gold, and the Tour Limited (designed to improve the performance of forward CG heads), Oban's Kiyoshi lineup (like some of the other things on your list) offers performance for almost everybody. Just be sure to take the time to work with a fitter from Oban's dealer network. It's the best way to make sure you get the most out of your Kiyoshi.

UST Mamiya Recoil Iron Shafts


Oh hell yes. As much as I'm trying to keep my opinion from creeping into this one, you guys absolutely nailed it. Although not completely new to the market UST's Recoil GRAPHITE iron shafts appear to be gaining momentum. We think this is the one that will ultimately take graphite irons shafts mainstream.

While Recoil shafts are available in what I suppose you might call traditional graphite weights (light), heavier options like the Recoil 110 and Recoil 125 are helping to remove some of that unfortunate for women and old men stigma often associated with graphite iron shafts. The Recoil offers outstanding feel and tighter dispersion. Plus, for those of you getting a little older, your hands will thank you the next day.

Bridgestone Golf Balls

No ball company has done a better job of embracing golfers of all swing speeds and ability levels than Bridgestone.

Like many of you, we're also big fans of Bridgestone's Tour-level B330 and B330-RX series, what continues to impress me is a seemingly endless stream of golfers who've told me that they've switched to the less expensive e-series, and couldn't be happier about it.

Bushnell Range Finders

Consistently rated at or near the top of our rangefinder tests, it's not exactly shocking that a Bushnell rangefinders were listed among the most significant additions to your bags this season.

While we're big fans of the Tour Z6 with Jolt technology, golfers can find a Bushnell to match nearly any desired feature set or budget.

Game Golf


Shot by shot, real-time, digital round trackers are part of an emerging category that golfers rapidly embracing. We more or less expect our readers will be on the bleeding edge of new technology, but it's certainly worth noting that the early adopters among you listed Game Golf more than app, swing trainer, or launch monitor.

As was the case with those swing trainers we just mentioned, we fully expect the market to expand significantly over the next year. Golfers will have options (and plenty of them), but for now, Game Golf remains at the top of your list.

The Orange Whip


While there are definitely some others we like, we're on the verge of declaring the Orange Whip the #1 training aid in golf. That's not what we think, it's what you think.

Each and every time we've asked you for your favorite product the Orange Whip gets mentioned more than any other swing trainer. Whether you're looking to smooth out your tempo, or increase your flexibility (and ultimately create more distance), The Orange Whip is the tool MyGolfSpy readers turn to more than any other. There's no better endorsement than that.

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STUDY: Overall Golfer Performance By Age Wed, 10 Dec 2014 13:39:27 +0000 Tony Covey

How Do You Measure Up?

Apart from whatever fun the game of golf offers, are we all just wasting our time? Can the wisdom of age make us better golfers, or will father time catch up before we wise up? Is stagnation the only real certainty? We crunched the data to find the answers to these and other age-related golf questions. What we discovered may surprise you. [READ MORE]]]>
Post image for STUDY: Overall Golfer Performance By Age

How Do You Measure Up?

Apart from whatever fun the game of golf offers, are we all just wasting our time? Can the wisdom of age make us better golfers, or will father time catch up before we wise up? Is stagnation the only real certainty?

We crunched the data to find the answers to these and other age-related golf questions. What we discovered may surprise you.

The Data

As we did when we discussed Golfer Performance by Handicap, we leveraged data from TheGrint, a golf handicap and stat tracking service, to take a closer look at how age impacts performance. As you'll see from the charts, the good news is that, while each of us will invariably reach a point of diminishing returns, our golf skills may not decline as early or as rapidly as you might think. The bad news is that regardless of how long we play, we might not actually get much better either.

Worth mentioning again, because of the online and app-based nature of TheGrint, it's reasonable to assume that its userbase skews a bit younger and more tech-savvy than the golfing population as a whole.

Before we look at the really interesting stuff, let's take a quick look at the breakdown of our demographics, sorted by age.



The highest percentage of golfers who track their scoring statistics via TheGrint are in the 30-40 year-old age group.

A comparatively small number of young golfers (under 20) and older golfers (over 70) golfers leverage TheGrint's golf stat tracking capabilities.

While the comparative lack of participation among presumably tech-savvy teenagers is surprise (perhaps there just aren't that many of them playing golf), it's not surprising to see usage of a golf stat tracking service decline as age increases.

Average Scoring By Age

This graph shows the performance of golfers by age. For this chart we use both the score itself and handicap differential. The score is a good metric, and one that all golfers understand, but it doesn’t take into consideration which tees were used by the golfer. Handicap differential does exactly that, which makes it an excellent baseline for normalizing performance.



It's noteworthy that the outliers are at the extremes.

The 20-30 year old group shows the best performance by more than a stroke. While the reasons aren't immediately clear, some will no doubt guess that the younger demographic has more time to devote to golf. The cynics will likely assume the young guys cheat at a greater frequency than older golfers. It's also entirely plausible that those playing with regularity at this age group are simply more likely to be accomplished golfers than the population as a whole.

It's equally as interesting that other than the most senior golfers, the highest scores are reported by the 30-40 year olds. To a large extent, this demographic represents golf's lost generation; an age range that often finds us in the most intense part of our professional careers. Look at most any club's membership roster and you'll discover that this is a demographic that doesn't currently spend much time on the golf course

Par 3, 4, and 5 Scoring By Age

This graph illustrates scoring by age relative to par for par 3, 4, and 5 holes.



What's interesting about this chart is that it shows no significant difference in scores from age 30 to age 70. While some of us will likely see our skills diminish, others will certainly improve. While that appears to be a recipe for stagnation of the average, it also offers a glimmer of hope that we can always get better.

Also noteworthy is that between the ages of 30 and 70, golfers are shown to be statistical equals. After age 70, however; scoring declines in general with Par 4 and Par 5 scoring increasing significantly. The logical assumption is that once we reach a certain age, hitting greens in regulation on longer holes becomes more difficult, if not impossible.

Average Putts By Age

This graph shows putts per round and GIR% performance of golfers by age.



First is important to understand the close relationship between Putts per Round and GIR% per round.

Missed greens lead to fewer putts.

Think about it. When you hit the Green in Regulation, your approach shot most likely comes from a longer distance than it does after you've missed the green. In most cases that GIR from distance will leave you farther from the hole than your wedge will after you've missed the green.

With that in mind, while this graph shows relatively consistent performance from age group to age group, what’s really interesting is that GIR% declines with age. Consequently, we would expect the older groups to have fewer putts per round.

The fact that the oldest golfers hit roughly the same number of putts as the younger groups runs counter to the idea that the short game is the biggest strength of the older generation. The data actually suggests that it's strength in other areas of the game that allow seniors to keep pace with younger golfers.

Want to See More?

If you've enjoyed this series with TheGrint, and would like to see more, definitely let us know. We're happy to do more digging. While you're waiting, be sure to check out TheGrint, and start tracking your game today.

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#BestInGolf – LabWorx Tue, 09 Dec 2014 14:00:03 +0000 mygolfspy [READ MORE]]]> Post image for #BestInGolf – LabWorx

Who is the best putter designer of all-time?  What's the best driver ever created?  What about irons?  Who is better Jack or Tiger?

Tough answers and even tougher to get a consensus amongst golfers.  It's rare we find someone we can clearly call the #BestInGolf, for that matter the best in anything.  But, today we did.  And that's why we want to share them with you.  You've probably never heard of this company, if you did, it was most likely on our Instagram account.  From here on out we hope for those interested in a service they provide that they become a household name.  They deserve it.  

It's called LabWorx.

Are there other companies that provide a similar service?  Yes.  Are there better?  My opinion, not even close.

Project Ketsch

Customization and personalization are among the hottest trends in golf right now. Demand for the type of services provided by LabWorx, a Texas based refinishing and customization shop, are on the rise, and we think that demand is only going to increase in the coming years. We'd be far from shocked to see OEM's start incorporating similar finishes into their mass-market products.

For now, however, when you want something truly unique, you'll need to turn to the experts at places like Labworx

That's exactly what we did.

After the PING Ketsch's decisive victory in our Most Wanted Mallet Test, we wanted to do something special to commemorate the victory. What we envisioned far exceeded the capabilities of most finishing houses.

When we found Labworx, we knew we had our guys.

For our special Ketsch project we gave the Labworx team carte blanche to let their creative juices flow, and see what they could do with 2014's Most Wanted Mallet.

Here's what they created for us, as well as the inspiration behind each design.

Red Ketsch


Since the putter itself is large and bulky, we wanted it to look fast and easy to take away.  Long, curved lines were our goal in establishing this look.  Armoring the cavities in Lux Black and the rest of the head in WS Red allowed us to achieve a contrast in color.  This contrast tricks the eye into seeing a smaller, sleeker head and aids the golfer in alignment.  The color scheme was carried out onto the sole plate, where once again we used Lux Black armor.  Black paint fill was applied throughout to solidify the look we hoped to achieve.

Utilizing the durable properties of the armor itself, we were able to create the logo, using laser etching in a whole new way. This process resulted in a clear, crisp transfer of lines allowing the logo to pop.

To us, the shaft is the most often overlooked part of the putter when it comes to “making it your own.”  We armored the shaft in Lux Black to achieve two goals:

  • Help accentuate the putter head
  • Keep the sleek look of the entire project.

We achieved a finished product by adding a custom red Pure putter grip, featuring the MyGolfSpy logo.


Military Green Ketsch


The inspiration for this putter was an old-school military motorcycle, with a worn leather seat, an earthy green frame and hits of black stenciling. This putter was armored in Military Green with the formula slightly altered to give a more modern look, while still honoring a motorcycle from the past. Hits of black paint fill were used to finish off the head. The sole plate was finished in Lux Black and the paint fill featured a custom military green.

We used the same laser process to create the logo on the sole plate.

Lux Black was applied to the shaft to highlight the leather-wrapped grip made by Grip Master. The grip was the perfect complement to the putter and truly allowed us to achieve our thematic vision.


Camo Ketsch


Due to its thin properties, we have the ability to layer the armor finish. Applying digital camo was always something we wanted to do, but until now, we had never the “right” Worx project to test this process.

The goal of this project was to use digital camo in a unique way.  To do this we used metallic in our all of our armor---from the head to the shaft.  We used Space Gray armor to dull the entire head so that the sole plate was the highlight.  Grey paint fill was used on the head to help achieve a monochromatic look and, again, bring emphasis to the sole plate and its unique properties.

The artwork on the sole plate of this putter was definitely a labor of love and our “piece de resistance”.  The layering process used to create the digital camo finish took approximately six hours to complete. Custom mixing metallic armor, the hand-application of digital blocks, and partial curings resulted in a one-of-a-kind piece.

The shaft was armored in Space Gray as well, so as to highlight and direct attention to the sole plate.  We finished the project with a custom black Pure grip, featuring  the MyGolfSpy logo.


More To Come


We have even more to show you from LabWorx, and when the time is right, who might just have the opportunity to win a custom Most Wanted Ketsch from Labworx.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: MyGolfSpy’s 2015 “Golf’s Most Wanted” Driver Test Mon, 08 Dec 2014 14:00:26 +0000 Tony Covey [READ MORE]]]> Post image for ANNOUNCEMENT: MyGolfSpy’s 2015 “Golf’s Most Wanted” Driver Test

A Most Exciting Time

This is it guys. The one you wait for each and every year.

Invitations for MyGolfSpy's 2015 Most Wanted Driver Test have been sent. The countdown has begun.


For 2015, we've reached out to 16 different golf companies, which means this year's test has the potential to exceed 30 individual entries. We fully expect to feature more drivers than ever before.

Although it's still early in the process, nearly half of the companies we've invited have already committed to participate. We're highly confident that number will increase significantly by the time testing begins. Of course, as is always the way of it, we've had one company decline to participate, and two more which I'd simply say are leaning against participating.

As we get closer to the start of actual testing, we'll be sure to let you know which companies are eager to participate, which are avoiding the competition, and which products we're going to test regardless.


Better Because of You

After our 2014 test, we took your feedback to heart, and we elicited help from R&D teams at several of the biggest names in golf to help us refine our process. To those who took the time to work with us, and to help us get better; thank you. Sincerely. It's impossible to overstate the value of the contributions our readers and the industry as a whole have made towards helping us make MyGolfSpy's Most Wanted test the absolute best in the industry today.

This year's test will be better because of you.

Some of the improvements we've made will be obvious, impossible-to-miss type stuff, while additional behind the scenes enhancements will ensure that our 2015 test won't simply be bigger and better; MyGolfSpy's Most Wanted will be the definitive guide that empowers you with the knowledge to find the right driver for your game in 2015.

You deserve nothing less from us.

More Details To Come

For now, we're being intentionally vague about of the details. Once clubs start arriving and testing gets underway, we'll be updating this post to:

  • Let you know which companies are in, and which are actively avoiding our test
  • Share more news about the test
  • Answer whatever questions you may have

Support MyGolfSpy's Most Wanted Testing

As you may already know, MyGolfSpy doesn't accept advertising dollars from the biggest names in golf. We believe it's the only way to remain above the influence while performing real tests and publishing real results based on real data. In Most Wanted Testing, there are clear winners, and not everybody gets a medal.

If you'd like to help support the most complete and comprehensive club testing in golf, please consider making a donation to MyGolfSpy's Most Wanted Testing Fund.

100% of donation money received will be used to offset expenses directly related to our 2015 Most Wanted Driver Test.

We accept credit cards through PayPal. A PayPal account is not required in order to donate.

Choose donation amount:
Anonymous donation



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Winner! – The Next PIMP LIST Wedge Sat, 06 Dec 2014 13:00:31 +0000 Tony Covey [READ MORE]]]> Post image for Winner! – The Next PIMP LIST Wedge

And The Winner Is...

The votes are in (and counted). Shocking probably no one with nearly 50% of the vote (48.78%) to be specific, the winner, and next Pimp List wedge is Caddyshack (not sure I really needed to link that...who doesn't know what Caddyshack is?).

I know...shocking, right? If it's any consolation to you Happy Gilmore guys, the Adam Sandler classic finished second with 18.98% of your vote, which is nice.

The custom club geniuses at Golf Alchemy have been given the results and are now hard at work creating YOUR Caddyshack themed wedge. We can't wait to see what it looks like.

And the Other Winner Is...

Congratulations to...well the winner has been notified, and we're just waiting to hear back. He (or she) will receive a Pimp List CaddyShack wedge. Like I said, team Golf Alchemy is on it, and they'll have your wedge out to you as soon as its designed and engraved.

Stay Tuned

We can't wait to share the Caddyshack Wedge with you as soon as it arrives.

]]> 6
2014 MyGolfSpy Gift Guide Thu, 04 Dec 2014 06:18:54 +0000 GolfSpy MBP [READ MORE]]]> Post image for 2014 MyGolfSpy Gift Guide

This guide is for the serious golfer

MyGolfSpy believes in empowering the golfer or #PowerToThePlayer. Throughout the year we scrutinize, test and often enjoy many products, but it’s time to weed out the wannabees and identify the real players. Our guide brings together golf’s elite or the “Best of the Best”, 16 products that once combined, will deliver what we feel is the Best Bag Money Can Buy. This gear kit will ensure any golfer, regardless of skill level, a greater chance of success on the course in 2015.


1. Wilson Staff Nexus


If you’re going to hold the best gear in golf then you’ll need the best bag. The Nexus is easily the 2014 Most Wanted Bag. It’s incredibly lightweight on the shoulders without sacrificing performance thanks to its 360° Integrated frame system, and there’s plenty of storage including a slot for your laser.


2. BagBoy Tri-Swivel 2


Deciding which cart to buy can be a difficult task. Which one has the features I want? Which one is the lightest? Will a cart work with my cart and my carry bag? We have the answers:  We performed the most comprehensive head-to-head test ever (seriously) done on push carts. And this cart has every thing you need.


3. Scor Wedges


The Most Under-Rated Wedges in Golf also has the easiest fitting system around. Just roll on over to Scor Golf and plug in your data. Before you know it a sweet set of V-Sole custom Scor wedges will be sitting on your doorstep. With multiple test groups under our belt, we can comfortably say Scor wedges perform as well as or better than anything or any other brand out there.


4. PING Ketsch


MyGolfSpy’s best performing putter of 2014 and let’s just go ahead and call it “Putter of the Century” The Ketsch didn't just beat the competition, it slaughtered them. From 5-feet, the Ketsch was 352% more accurate than the field average. This was possibly the easiest choice for a buyers’ guide ever.


5. PING G30


9 out of 10 GolfSpy’s agree: after hitting this driver the Ping G-30 is a pretty much impossible to beat all-a-rounder. We thought it would be hard to improve on the G25, but toss some shark fin “Turbulators” on top and the G30 just does everything better.


6. Garmin Approach S6


Wear it on your wrist or strap it to your bag, Garmin was the only product to score an A+ in our annual GPS roundup. The Garmin S6 builds on everything good about the S4, with cool new features such as  Color Course-View Maps and Swing Power/Tempo Training.


7. Bridgestone Golf Balls


Made in the good old U S of A, Bridgestone just continues to offer the richest lineup of balls on the market. The 330 line features urethane covers and with a ball for everyone from sub 95mph swinger’s right up to as hard as you can hit ‘em tour stars.


8. TaylorMade Rsi Irons


Love'em or Hate'em every golfer should try the Taylormade RSi irons.  Why?  Simple...they perform.  Off-center mishits just do not penalize you as much with these irons.  And lets face it, most of us don't consistently hit the sweet spot.  Trust Us...They Work.


9. Titleist 915H/Hd Hybrids


Every time we pick up a 915H hybrid we can’t believe how well they perform. Titleist just seems to understand that balance between players and those in a little need of help. With the Active Response Channel, Titleist added a spin-reducing slot to their new hybrids and offer 2 different models: H designed for sweepers - the golfer with a shallower angle of attack who tends to hit hybrids like fairway woods, while the smaller, deeper HD has more offset and is designed for those who have a steeper angle of attack and tend to hit their hybrids more like irons.


10. TaylorMade SLDR Fairway


Spies and members raved about TaylorMade's woods last January during their visit to Carlsbad. Low and forward just like the SLDR drivers, these fairway woods will have you bringing par 5’s to their knees next season. For the masses these woods check all the boxes with their combination of distance plus accuracy and you’ll probably find some sweet deals with 2015 products about to fill stores.


11. Stitch Golf Covers


There’s nothing like genuine leather headcovers to guard your loved ones clanging around the bag. Stitch offers the most modern and trendy covers on the market today in a wide variety of styles and colors. Did we mention they're handmade in the USA?


12. FootJoy D.N.A. Shoes


The “#1 Shoe on Tour”, the “#1 Shoe in Golf” and so should it be on our list. FootJoy’s ‘DryJoys Next Advancement’ is the ultimate blend of comfort, style, stability and performance. You may think going FootJoy is simply the safe choice for our guide, but with its history we all know it’s the smart choice.


13. FootJoy Pure Touch Glove


Tested against 18 other opponents, this beauty was hands down our favorite glove of 2014. To quote a MGS reviewer “The Pure Touch Limited is flawless. Feel, grip, comfort, it's all there.” We stand behind his A+ decision, there’s just no glove like it.


14. Pure Grips


Wraps, multi-texture, firm, soft, personalization, a bevy of colors made from 100% rubber and tapeless installation make Pure "The Most Customizable Grip In Golf."


15. SuperStroke Putter Grips


You want skinny?  They got skinny.  You want fat? They got fat. You want something in between?  Well, you get the picture.  MyGolfSpy Labs tested ‘em - they're super easy to adapt to and  they help you sink more putts. ‘Nuff said.


16. Swing Caddie SC100


The personal launch monitor by Voice Caddie for under $300. Not only is it accurate, slight bigger than an iPhone 6+ and extremely portable, but it comes with a plethora of training modes to help anyone sharpen their game.


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