ULTIMATE! – “Head-To-Head Golf Club Comparison Tool”

Today’s a big day for MyGolfSpy and the start of an even bigger day for golfers around the world. That’s because we’re launching a new game-changing feature to MGS which has never been made available to golf consumers before. {CHECK THIS OUT!}

  • April 30, 2012
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ULTIMATE REVIEW! – Callaway Forged Wedge

For quite a while now the wedge market has been dominated by two names, and yet despite having Roger Cleveland…ROGER FREAKING CLEVELAND designing their wedges, trying to convince somebody that a Callaway wedge actually designed by Roger Cleveland might actually outperform another that simply has his name on it can be an uphill battle. The whole thing is a little absurd, and quite frankly, it makes my face hurt.

The new Forged Wedge is nothing but another very good wedge in what has become a fairly long line of very good Callaway wedges. While I can’t say I love it quite as much as the older, non-conforming, X-Forged wedge (I still have on in my bag), I like it nearly as much, and that’s saying a lot. {Read the Full Review}

  • April 26, 2012
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GOLF APPAREL REVIEW! – Vivo Barefoot Hybrid Golf Shoe

The Vivo Barefoot Hybrid is the second product this year that, in my opinion, outperforms its overall score. Over the last few years, golf has gotten on board with the trend of more minimalistic footwear. However, up until now, we’ve been given barefoot shoes made by golf shoe companies. The shoe that I’ll be reviewing today, the Hybrid by Vivo Barefoot, is a golf shoe made by a barefoot shoe company. So is the Hybrid the best kept secret in golf footwear, or just another shoe? Read on to find out, fellow spies… {Read Review}

  • April 24, 2012
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PUTTER REVIEW! – Edel DeVincenzo Series 18 {Prototype}

I know that I’ve got something unique on my hands when I have to revise half of the items on my list of putter features. You don’t see a putter like this everyday. You often hear about “offset”, but this putter has “onset”. Where most putters have “toe hang”, this putter balances with its toe “straight up”. It’s called the Edel DeVincenzo Series 18. {Read Review}

  • April 23, 2012
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The short version of the story is that the PING i20 driver is now the #1 Driver in our review database, and that’s pretty damn impressive. We do believe that the majority of golfers would probably be better served by PING’s G20 driver -especially if you’re wise enough to place a premium on fairways. I mean, If the G20 is good enough for a Masters Champion, I’m fairly certain it’s good enough for you. Of course, few would argue that the i20 isn’t the better looking, and in my opinion, better feeling driver. So if you’re willing to sacrifice just a little bit of accuracy, the distance gains offered by the i20 might be worth it. I’m certainly wouldn’t fault anyone for bagging the i20. {Read the Full Review}

  • April 19, 2012
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PUTTER REVIEW! – Nike Method Concept

When trying to reach an ultimate appraisal of the Nike Method Concept putter , I came to the conclusion that it’s very likely the Turkey Bacon of the putter world. Some people are going to love it, and will never want to go back to the traditional, while others will see it as an outright abomination. Me, I’m a turkey bacon guy…and I guess I’m a Nike Method Concept guy too. So yeah, if we’re talking beauty pageants, the Concept probably isn’t going to standout like Ms. Texas, but that doesn’t mean it won’t take home Ms. Congeniality. After-all, the performance makes this little ugly duckling infinitely lovable.

  • April 18, 2012
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SERIES – “How I Started My Golf Company” (MAS PUTTERS)

Today, is part of a new series we think your really going to enjoy. Ever thought of starting your own golf company or launching your own golf product? Well that’s what this series is all about. We’re going to have the guys that have started their own tell their stories about what it takes and what you will need to know to start a golf business. I think you’ll find it amazing how much work goes into launching a brand and all the things that happen between the initial “cool idea” and the first actual sale. {FULL STORY!}

  • April 17, 2012
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