Tiger Woods New Jupiter House 2011

Whose The Course Superintendent?
Now that the Tiger Woods house is completed on Jupiter Island, we have a first glimpse of back yard and practice complex.

It appears he has one tee box in the southeast east corner to hit ...

  • November 12, 2010
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Some Must-Visit Products & Services For Golfers
For every 1 golf product that makes it…there are literally 100 that don’t.  There are so many dynamics that go into launching a successful new golf product or...

  • November 10, 2010
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Become A Super Top-Secret Golf Spy!
Like the MyGolfSpy Blog? But still feel like you want more "Top-Secret Golf News"?


The New MyGolfSpy Forum is where you want to be then. In just over 5 months since the...

  • November 6, 2010
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Cobra Limited Edition "All White" ZL Driver
Another first for the MyGolfSpy readers.  You are getting the exclusive first look at this new driver.  But not much new there...we always try to give you fellow spies the...

  • November 4, 2010
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Want to see more golf patents…go to Golf-Patents.com

NIKE PATENT #1 - Adjustable Face Stiffness
Lots of interesting club face adjustability patents being applied for in the past couple years, mostly done by Titleist. Although a...

  • November 4, 2010
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