Coming Soon – MyGolfSpy’s 2014 “Most Wanted” Driver Test

Coming Soon – MyGolfSpy’s 2014 “Most Wanted” Driver Test

The Final Field is Set

All of the participants (save lucky #13) in our 2014 Driver Test has been announced. This year we have 23 different models from 16 different manufacturers vying for the title of “Golf’s Most Wanted Driver”


Trademark Wars – Callaway vs. TaylorMade (2014 Edition)

The annual war of words, nay,the annual war for words between Callaway and TaylorMade has resumed. And no, this isn’t a repeat from last July.

This latest chapter begins with TaylorMade and Callaway each filing Trademark applications for “XR” seven days apart. [READ MORE]

  • November 19, 2014
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The Perfect Putter – Putt Like You Train

The ability to see exactly how the ball will roll on the green is extremely valuable. You don’t need to trust your read when you practice, you can see if you read the putt right or wrong immediately, and definitively. If you practice your reads with the Perfect Putter, your reads will improve. Plus, if you know the read is correct, but you didn’t make the putt, you can be confident that the issue lies with your putting stroke. [READ MORE]

  • November 18, 2014
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Contest – Win The Next PIMP List Wedge

First, let me say a quick Thank You to all of you who kicked in theme ideas for the next #PimpList wedge.

The guys at Golf Alchemy are ready to get started bringing your ideas to life. Before they can, however; we need to select a winner from your Top 5 Submissions.

It’s time for the final vote. [VOTE NOW]

  • November 17, 2014
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TESTED: Taylormade R15 (vs) SLDR

Is the 2015 Taylormade R15 better than the 2014 Taylormade SLDR? Let’s find out.

New clubs are great. We’ve been conditioned as consumerists to think that newer = better. Earlier this week we gave the world the first look at the new 2015 Taylormade R15 driver. Last night we were in New York city to cover the live launch event Taylormade had for the media. Today, we tell you whether or not 2015 is any better than 2014.

  • November 14, 2014
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LIVE – TaylorMade R15 & AeroBurner Launch Event

Tonight TaylorMade Officially launches the R15 and AeroBurner series of woods for 2015. We gave you a quick intro to the R15 yesterday, but tonight we'll be bringing you full details along with any insights from the...

  • November 13, 2014
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