2013 “Golf’s Most Wanted” – BEST OVERALL

We’ve arrived at the moment you’ve been waiting for. After teasing you with the Longest Driver of 2013, and the Most Accurate Driver of 2013, it’s time to reveal MyGolfSpy’s Most Wanted Driver of 2013. Simply put, the #1 Club on this list, is the Best Driver of 2013. Period. [READ MORE]

SPY PICS – 2015 Taylormade R15 Driver

Although we’re quite literally on the eve of the official U.S. announcement of the R15, TaylorMade’s newest flagship driver, the guys at TaylorMade Japan were kind enough to spill the beans a little early.

The Return of…[READ MORE]

  • November 12, 2014
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Inside the Bubble: Golf In the American Marketplace Part 2

Real estate will be the real killer to the American golf shop, not the Internet. Typically, a strong real estate market has been good for the golf industry in the past but not this time around the merry-go. The future golf shops will be relatively smaller, more strategically placed, and less in total numbers. Green grass accounts will benefit from these shifts in retail, however, everyone better prepare themselves for the real storm that’s coming…[READ MORE]

  • November 12, 2014
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Inside the Bubble: Golf In the American Marketplace Part I

Today the golf industry is going through a paradigm shift in its fundamental structure. Chances are, if you are reading this, you have purchased some sort of golf product in the last 30 days and most likely made a major golf purchase, such as clubs, in the last 90 days. Get ready because the way you “buy golf” is changing. There are three major factors I would like to address over the next few days to provide a constructive deconstruction on how the future of golf retail will be shaped.

Part 1: The Internet [READ MORE]

  • November 11, 2014
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First Look: Wilson Staff Infinite Putters

With the Infinite putter line, Wilson Staff has produced a diverse group of putters targeting the budget-minded golf consumer. These six putters (seven if you include the women’s Windy) should suit a wide variety of golfers’ putting strokes.

The Infinite putters add some consumer choice at the more affordable end of the putter corral, and are the only counterbalanced putters found in their price range. [READ MORE]

  • November 10, 2014
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Advanced Driver Buying for Dummies

For those of you ready to move past our basic Driver Buying for Dummies strategies, we’re ready to take you to the next level.

This guide is still for the guy who wants no part of working with a fitter – you’re an off-the-racker, and that’s ok.

This guide is for the DIYer willing to put in a little bit more work. It’s for the guy who wants to look a little deeper at the numbers. It’s for the guy who can come to terms with the kind of things some golfers don’t want to hear. [READ MORE]

  • November 6, 2014
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