Coming Soon – MyGolfSpy’s 2014 “Most Wanted” Driver Test

Coming Soon – MyGolfSpy’s 2014 “Most Wanted” Driver Test

The Final Field is Set

All of the participants (save lucky #13) in our 2014 Driver Test has been announced. This year we have 23 different models from 16 different manufacturers vying for the title of “Golf’s Most Wanted Driver”


What’s Next, TaylorMade?

I think I know what’s coming next, and I’d really like to see TaylorMade makes the most of this opportunity to do something different, make a real statement, and re-establish itself as an innovation leader.

Then again, what I think and what I want doesn’t matter.

As Nike says, The Consumer Decides. So I want to know what you, our reader and golf consumer think.

What would you like to see TaylorMade offer in its next sub-$400 driver? Do you believe it’s what the company will offer?

  • November 9, 2015
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Something Cool Finally Happens At Petco Park

We cover golf equipment, so if a golf equipment is doing something – and golf equipment companies do some pretty odd things in the name of fun, or fun things in the name of golf, or maybe just bizarre things in the name of shameless self-promotion – we’ve got to at least look at it. All of it (even if we ignore most of it).

So yeah…whatever the motivation, kudos to Callaway, I guess, for turning a baseball stadium into a golf course.

Yeah, you read that right.

  • November 5, 2015
  • 22
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Do You Know that Srixon Makes Irons?

Do you know that Srixon makes irons?

I’m hoping most of you are staring at the page right now wondering if the guy who wrote this is an idiot, because frankly, I feel stupid for asking. Of course you know Srixon makes irons…right?


  • November 4, 2015
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Distance and Forgiveness:  Meet the new Tour Edge Exotics Iron Lineup

For 2016 Tour Edge has offered up 3 distinct iron sets, and as should be the case, each iron in this reasonably well-differentiated trio as aimed at a specific segment of the market.

So which Exotics iron might be right for you? To help figure that out, we think it makes the best sense to start in the middle.

  • November 3, 2015
  • 21
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Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 Irons

Today, Wilson is riding a 4-year wave of irons ranging from the solid (the C-11’s, C-100’s and D-100’s) to the sublime (the forged FG Tour series: the 100 blades and the V2 & V4 player’s cavity backs). By any measure, since 2012 Wilson Staff’s recent offerings – from Super Game Improvement to Player’s clubs – have been as good as anybody’s.

Wilson’s market share is sneaking up on 5%, and red ink is now the other guys’ problem.

So to close out a decade-long rise from the crypt, Wilson is bringing two new players to the party. We’ll have to wait until January to meet one, but we can introduce you to the other today.

  • November 2, 2015
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The Club Report: Odyssey Works Tank Cruiser

A couple of weeks ago we showed you a preview of Odyssey’s new Works Tank Cruiser line of putters. Today, we are going to get a little deeper into the new line, showing you all of the now available in stores models, and hopefully pointing you in the right fitting direction should you want to give one of these new technological chimeras a go.

  • October 30, 2015
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