“Golf’s Most Wanted!” – Mallet Awards

Is there a putter that actually gets the ball in the hole faster. Well, today you find out, because we are unveiling the results from our testing for “Golf’s Most Wanted!” Mallet Putter. And as you will see from our data, not all putters are created equal. Our results show that the putter does influence the performance of the golfer. Check out the results!

Callaway’s New Big Bertha Iron is Up to 2 Clubs Longer*

The new Big Bertha iron is what happens when somebody in Callaway’s R&D Department says “Hey, what if we glued this fairway wood face to an iron? I bet the ball would go really far”.

As is often the case, Callaway is offering up some pretty bold performance claims, and you can bet we’ve got something to say about the fine print. [READ MORE]

  • September 24, 2014
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How to Save the Great American Golf Shop

In the previous article I suggested some pretty obvious (I think they’re obvious anyway) things retailers can do to try and make up for business lost to the internet. If you’ve got the space, sell buckets of balls. Regrip and repair clubs. Give lessons. If you’ve got a launch monitor (and you should), lease largely unsupervised time on it.

If you’ve got the population to support it, follow the lead of the New York Golf Center and others like it, and expand your business to include a true, build-on-site, custom fitting department.

All that sounds great, but my guess…or at least my hope is that most shops are already doing most or all of the above.

What can a golf shop do to entice you turn your back on eBay and the rest of the internet and spend your money locally (since you’re there demoing clubs anyway)? [READ MORE]

  • September 23, 2014
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First Look – 2015 Nike Vapor Flex Driver

It would appear that the proverbial cat has escaped its sack. Nike Golf is finding it increasing difficult to keep secrets, and that’s probably a positive indicator where brand interest is concerned.

Here is your first look at the upcoming Nike Vapor Flex Driver.

While I’m sure Nike would have preferred everything stayed under-wraps, anecdotally there’s more interest in the new lineup than any Nike release I’ve ever seen. Whether that translates to sales…I won’t speculate just yet.

You can say what you want about Volt, but it’s definitely grabbing some attention.

  • September 20, 2014
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The Death of the Great American Golf Shop

Most of you have already read One Insider’s View on The Demise of Golf Equipment Sales, and hopefully have a better understanding of the all too unpleasant realities of running a brick and mortar golf business in 2014.

These guys are being squeezed on all sides. Competition includes other shops, big box, online warehouses, eBay, and the golf equipment companies themselves. As the marketplace has evolved, so too have consumers. More than ever we know what we want, we know what we’re willing to pay, and we’re willing to buy before we try.

As we considered the plight of our anonymous author, and countless others just like him around the country, we found ourselves asking a most uncomfortable question.

Do we even need brick and mortar golf shops anymore? [READ MORE]

  • September 18, 2014
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TaylorMade R15 vs. TaylorMade SLDR 2.0

Do names matter? Should what’s stamped in the sole of a driver impact how a golf club sells?

Does campy work, or are manufacturers better off keeping it simple?

Cultivating a brand identity (product names are certainly a part of that) is integral to the success of every company. Who are we, and how do we convey that to the consumer? [READ MORE]

  • September 16, 2014
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