ULTIMATE! – “Head-To-Head Golf Club Comparison Tool”

Today’s a big day for MyGolfSpy and the start of an even bigger day for golfers around the world. That’s because we’re launching a new game-changing feature to MGS which has never been made available to golf consumers before. {CHECK THIS OUT!}

2014 Golf’s Most Wanted Push Cart

Who makes the best push cart? Which one has the features I want? Which one is the lightest? Will a cart work with my cart and my carry bag? How many steps does it take to fold and unfold? Are there differences in the brakes? Is one cart more stable than another? Which is the easiest cart to push?

For a push cart to be Golf’s Most Wanted, it must perform on the golf course. Golfers want a cart that is easy to push, holds their bag securely, stays put when the brake is on, and has enough storage to hold their gear during play. We tested these features and more. Here is how we scored the various Playability components. [READ MORE]

  • August 5, 2014
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 First Look - Nike Golf's Ultra-Exclusive MMProto Irons

Nike’s MMProto irons go on sale August 4th, and here’s my prediction, they’re going to sell out…and fast. If you want them, you better show up early because there’s no a doubt in my mind that demand will exceed supply.

That’s right…Nike…blades…sold out. I’m calling it right now.[READ MORE]

  • July 31, 2014
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Leaked: Titleist 915 – All the Details

Titleist’s 915 Series metalwoods are coming. You’ve seen the pictures. You’ve heard a few things about ARC (the slot), and you’ve probably made some reasonable guesses about what the Titleist story will eventually be.

Wouldn’t it be great to have some actual information? We’ve got your back. [READ MORE]

  • July 31, 2014
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Open Your Wallets Wider, Golf Gear is Too Damn Cheap

As I’ve heard it from hundreds of you; one of the prime suspects in the crime that is the decline of golf is the cost of the gear itself. Golf equipment has gotten too damn expensive. These golf companies have a lot of nerve thinking they can charge $400 for a driver.

The prevailing perception is that the manufacturers are gouging the consumer. They’ve steadily raised prices and haven’t given you a damn thing more for your money.

Golf equipment is overpriced, right? They’re screwing us.

Probably not. [READ MORE]

  • July 30, 2014
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Have Your Say! – Mizuno Brand Survey

To this point we’ve basically focused our survey efforts on some of the larger brands in golf. This time around we want to hear your thoughts on a smaller brand that I suspect will be very popular with you guys.

As most of you know, Mizuno started leaking pics of their upcoming fall releases during The Open Championship, so now seems like the perfect time to hear what you think about the Mizuno brand and its products.

Love Mizuno…despise Mizuno? It’s time to have your say. [READ MORE]

  • July 29, 2014
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