CHALLENGE! – Can Indoor Golf Lessons Lower Your Handicap?

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If I told you that you could drop your handicap by 7 strokes, increase distance on your drives, improve your driving accuracy, all without touching a golf course...would you believe me?

Hell would probably think this was some 2AM infomercial, claiming only things infomercials can claim. Well that was exactly the premise behind GolfSpy Dave's latest challenge.  He wanted to see how much you could improve your game by taking only indoor golf lessons.  Hell...even Callaway got in on this crazy challenge by promising to donate a set of clubs to the "First Tee" for every handicap point GolfSpy Dave dropped in the process.

Find Out The Answer

(Golfspy Dave Explores the Effectiveness of Indoor Lessons) That was the question that I hoped to answer for all of you when I approached this lesson project.  This is actually the second lesson project that I have chronicled for  You may remember my “Operation Callaway: The Pebble Project” series that I wrote last summer.  In that project, I worked with Greg Ciavarelli at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex in Sacramento, CA.  Over the course of the summer, working with Greg really helped me to improve my short game and taught me that, with instruction, my game can improve.

This past winter, I was again hoping to take some lessons to improve my golf game, but I was also curious about what type of gains could be made in the indoor instructional environment.  Can working on the golf swing indoors improve your performance on the course outdoors?  I had heard both praise and condemnation of indoor lessons and so, I set out to find out first hand if taking lessons indoors could improve my game.

The Cast and Scope of the Project

Last summer I ran into someone that I went to high school with, Bobby Siravo.  This is relevant because in addition to being a fellow alum, Bobby is also a former tour player who owns iFit Golf in Folsom, CA.  Bobby’s shop seemed like the ideal setting for this project as it contains everything that you would find in an on course pro shop; excellent club selection, a putting green, club repair, clothing, footwear, and so on, minus an attached driving range or golf course.  Lessons and fittings at iFit Golf are accomplished indoors in two Callaway Performance Studio hitting bays.  I bet that iFit Golf looks quite a bit like the shops that you can find near you, thus making it perfect for this project.

After agreeing to participate in this project, Bobby introduced me to Kevin Estrella, the director of instruction at iFit golf.  As you can see from his website, Kevin has vast experience as a player and as an instructor who has been trained both in the methodology of the Titleist Performance Institute and as an authorized instructor for The Golfing Machine.  I found one of the statements on Kevin’s website to be very intriguing,

As a certified golf fitness instructor Kevin will help you understand how your body affects your golf swing in order to help you find your most efficient swing- one that produces consistent, desired results”.

As some of you are aware, I came to the game of golf later in life than some, picking up the game at thirty-nine.  My long-term goal is to play golf well into my senior years.  I’m very interested to see what kind of swing Kevin can get my forty-two-year-old body to produce.

Over the next few months, Kevin Estrella and I worked together to:

  • Assess my current golf swing
  • Assess my current physical strength and flexibility
  • Develop a plan to improve any areas of physical concern that could be affecting the swing.
  • And finally, to develop my “most efficient swing- one that produces consistent, desired results”

As those of you who followed my progress in the forums know, Greg Parry, a physical therapist, was also included in the project.  Kevin thought that it was a great idea to enlist Greg’s help to identify any areas of physical weakness that could limit my golf swing.  I agreed that this was a great idea.  What would be the point of trying to learn a golf swing that my body was physically unable to accomplish?

The final player in the project was Callaway Golf.  Callaway generously agreed to donate one set of junior clubs to the First Tee of Sacramento for each handicap point that I dropped from the start of the project to the end of the Masters tournament.  This was a great motivator for me, knowing that if I could improve my game, some deserving kids would get hooked up with new gear for the 2012 season.

The Process...

Rather than retelling the whole story that can be found in the forum (HERE), I’ll touch upon some of the highlights:

Physical Issues

  • After the initial assessment, my physical therapist Greg identified the following areas that would, if improved, make the foundation for a better golf swing.
  • Increase internal hip rotation.
  • Increase strength of hips to improve balance.
  • Increase core strength.
  • Increase strength in my mid-back.

You can find Greg’s much more detailed assessment in the forum post HERE.

To address these areas, Greg designed a home exercise program that I was to complete daily.  The regime involved about eight different exercises that strengthened and stretched the targeted weak areas.  In addition, I went into Greg’s office for weekly torture physical therapy sessions.  Again, the goal was to address the identified areas of concern.  These sessions went for about 90 minutes and I can definitely say that they were some of the most intense workouts that I have ever experienced.

Swing Issues

Again, a more detailed version of Kevin Estrella’s assessment of my swing can be found in the forum HERE.  These are the key issues that Kevin identified:

  • Swinging over the top on an out to in path.
  • Early release of the hands; i.e. flipping
  • Lack of balance due to poor weight shifts during the swing.

Kevin and I got together weekly or so and explored the components of a good golf swing, and then addressed the areas of my swing that were flawed.  The scope of this lesson process was quite broad.  Lessons actually began with me filling out a questionnaire so that Kevin could assess my understanding of how the swing works.  Kevin helped me to understand how to talk about the swing in more exacting language.  When I told Kevin that I sliced the ball because the face was open, he would ask me “Open to what?”  That would make me think a bit.  Was the face open to the target line or open to the swing path?  These conversations really allowed me to improve my "Golf Swing IQ".

As our sessions progressed, I came to understand what I was doing in my swing that was negatively impacting my game.  I couldn’t always get my body to avoid these swing pitfalls, but I knew what it should be doing.

During our lesson sessions, Kevin had me run through a number of drills to address my swing faults.  Some of the drills were effective, while some of the others were not.  For example, while we were addressing my OTT move, Kevin set up an Orange Whip in front of me such that I could only swing under the orange ball if I did not go over the top.  I hit that ball again and again.  I just couldn’t get my body to comprehend and perform the drill.  Then we switched to a drill with me swinging while balancing on my left foot, dropping the right foot well behind me.  All of the sudden, my body got it.  Through the weeks, we repeated this process for my other trouble areas, again searching for the drills that “worked” for me.  Even though I was often frustrated with my swing, Kevin remained patient and for some reason optimistic...

Challenge Results!

Again, let’s start with the physical side of the project.  Greg Parry and the staff at his office are fantastic.  In just a few weeks, I was able to feel and see real physical progress.  Exercises that were near impossible for me at the beginning of the training were easy by the end.  The settings on all of the machines at least doubled in weight by the end of the program.  It was about half way through when I realized that I actually felt confident physically and that when Greg said that he had a new exercise for me, my mind was saying “bring it” rather than “oh no”.  I am stronger and more flexible than I was last December.  My 43 year-old body responded to the exercise much more than I expected it to.

Perhaps the best assessment of my physical improvement and confidence came at the Haggin Oaks Golf Expo this April.  Greg asked me to assist him by demonstrating exercises on stage with him during his seminar presentation at the expo.  Prior to our sessions, I would not have been caught dead on that stage.  However, after my PT sessions with Greg, I knew that I was physically capable of whatever Greg needed me to do.  Maybe that’s not the most quantitative assessment of physical improvement, but I know that my physical strength, flexibility, and, as a result, confidence have all increased.

As for my golf swing, Kevin’s efforts have definitely pointed me in the right direction.  I won’t say that I no longer flip, swing over the top, stand up during the swing, forget to shift my weight, or make whatever other mistakes you can imagine, I do.  But what I will say is that I do these things less often, and when I do make the mistake, I am more aware of what I have done.  My understanding of the golf swing has increased dramatically, as has my body’s ability to execute that swing.  Not all of the time, but more often than before.

Unlike my physical improvements, my golf improvement can be measured with real numbers. Let’s take a look at my handicap and see if the kids at the First Tee are going to benefit from my efforts.  Throughout the project, I used the Golfshot app on my iPhone to keep score and to track my play statistics.  Let’s look at fairways and greens first.

Before Lesson Project

After Lesson Project

13.8% improvement off the tee and 13.4% more GIRs.  Not bad for three months.  While my driving the ball is still something I struggle with, it has definitely improved.  One other thing worth noting is that my drives are longer.  This improvement likely comes from improved technique combined with a stronger core.  Whatever the reason, this April saw my first 300-yard drive on the course.   For those that prefer bullet points, here is the improvement by the numbers:

  • 13.8% Improved ↑ Driver Accuracy
  • 13.4% Improvement ↑ on GIR
  • Considerably Longer Drives

Before Lesson Project

After Lesson Project

The putting stats are interesting, especially since Kevin and I did not work on putting.  I believe the “Scores by Par” improvement reflects my improved accuracy into the greens.  If I am landing balls closer to the pin, then the scores should be better.  Now let’s look at the scoring.  From the graphs, you can see that I have increased my percentage of pars and bogies.  Now normally having your bogies go from 45% to 52% would not be cause for celebration, but that increase in bogies come from reducing my double bogie (+) percentage by 20%.  I turned my doubles into singles, and my singles into pars.  That was just what I was hoping for from this project!

Now let’s look at scoring.  Dropping from +20.3 to +13.4 represents an improvement of 6.9 points.  Again, not too bad for a three month project.  That means that Callaway’s donation to the First Tee of Sacramento totals six sets of clubs.  While I am very happy that I am playing better golf, I am even happier that by going through this process with Kevin and Greg that I was able to get clubs to six kids.  The legacy of this project will live on in the golf game of those kids.  That’s an awesome realization.  And that realization was nothing compared to what I saw and felt when I delivered the clubs.

  • 6.9 Stroke Decrease ↓ in Handicap
  • 20% Decrease ↓ in Double Bogeys
  • Scores by Par all Decreased ↓

Delivering the Callaway Clubs to the First Tee of Sacramento

Last Saturday, I loaded the six sets of Callaway Junior clubs into the car and headed down to the First Tee School at Land Park Golf Course.  My plan was to drop off the clubs, shooting a couple of photos for this article.  While I thought that it was cool that I (with Callaway’s generous help) was going to give some clubs to the kids, I suppose that I didn’t really take into account what it would mean to the kids.  The smiles on the kids’ (and their parents’) faces really told the story.  They were super excited to get the new clubs!  Their First Tee Core Value teachings were definitely evident as well, as each kid came up to me, shook my hand and said thanks.  I should be thanking them, as they motivated me not to cheat reps at PT and to hit through another bucket of balls.

As it turns out, there was one more kid who was going to benefit from this project.  Last winter, a very young boy here in the Sacramento area was scalded with very hot water, resulting in third-degree burns over 50% of his body.  As I mentioned, I delivered these clubs on a Saturday.  Well on the Friday before, the parents of this little boy called the First Tee office asking if there was any program in which he could participate.  As it turned out, they had a perfect set of clubs for him.  You see that little set on the right, those are for him.  This project allowed me to do something nice for a kid who has had a rough start of things.  I set out to see if I could improve my golf game, and I ended up making a difference in the lives of these kids.  Words cannot really describe my elation with this unexpected impact.

Thanks and Final Thoughts

My deepest thanks go to the players involved in this project.  The combined efforts of Kevin Estrella and Greg Parry allowed me to improve much more than I had initially envisioned.  My bottomless thanks also go out to Callaway Golf for sponsoring the First Tee prize for the project.  The efforts and generosity of all parties involved has truly made this project one of the milestones in my golf career, and beyond.

In closing, let’s go back to that initial question, can someone improve his or her golf game by taking indoor lessons?  Given the right instructor, I would definitely say that you could improve your game indoors.  Additionally, I would say that improving your overall level of physical conditioning should also improve your game.  Strengthen your core, increase your flexibility, and increase your stamina and you should see your scores drop like I did.  You may be just a few months away from the best golf of your life.

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Lara Smith November 17, 2012 at 8:34 pm

Playing with golf simulators can turn out to be definitely valuable. This can help to discover the position that works well on you. It is possible to find out and sustain the most perfect position, your entire performance will substantially progress. If you desire to get a golf simulator, you can obtain them coming from


Tom July 21, 2012 at 3:45 am

How much would this same experience cost?


Brad September 14, 2014 at 10:08 pm

This experience could cost lots. Just the private lessons alone would add up. I’ve been very fortunate as a Golf Professional to help my students year round with an indoor facility and video. Now I’ve made it affordable with the internet. Check it out. – Brad


P.J.Evans July 8, 2012 at 8:22 pm

Very interesting read and the stats you kept are very insightful.
I live in Colorado, where winter golf can be challenging at times, so to help my game and keep my swing – I took advantage of a ‘winter golf program’ which was a 30-minute session, once a week, for 20 weeks. One week was a lesson, the following was a scheduled practice session – all of which was indoors. I did this for two winters and went from a 26 handicap, down to a 10.3, as I type this, and it’s been as low as a 9.2.
So, I totally agree with your research – indoor lessons from a competent instructor can definitely benefit your game! Does it help to see the actual ball flight, we all know it does – but it’s not an absolute necessity with today’s ball flight technology.
Thanks again for the great research and article.
— P.J.


Troy Vayanos July 6, 2012 at 8:59 pm

Well done Dave,

I couldn’t see why not indoor golf lessons would not be effective. As long as the instruction is good and the equipment is up to date you should be able to make some rate of improvement.



robmailman July 6, 2012 at 4:16 pm

outstanding project guy’s, way to go ! everybody be a good sport and donate your old club’s to the first tee, being a lefty, my first set of club’s were pulled from the closet of the old sun valley pro shop here in louisville, so pretty much my love for this game is a direct result of someone else’s charitable nature,( by the way it was a full set of wilson staff fg-17 tour blades, 2-pw, with a 55* sand wedge, to which i played until the face’s wore off ! ) so be a good samaritan and clean the closet / garage out. you ( or your significant other will thank me later ! ) we do a lot of charity work at the postal service with our annual food drive and our annual golf scramble’s for the mda . i promise every little contribution help’s, no matter what, thank’s and see you out there. rob.c.


jmiller065 July 6, 2012 at 5:39 am

Great write up Dave, good to hear that the First Tee benefited from this experiment and I think that is what pushed you even harder.

I know when I win golf equipment in raffles and other things that I personally can not use (example is a 9 hole scramble i played in M.B. for a couple years used to do a raffle every week) I won I think 4 putters and 3 Drivers from that raffle all of them ended up in the hands of the First Tee or someone that was in need of equipment. It is a great feeling to be able to give support to the people that might not be able to afford it in terms of a very expensive hobby.


David King July 6, 2012 at 4:20 am

At a time where I had begun to despair that I could ever improve and that maybe golf wasn’t the game for me this report has doubly inspired me to continue. Firstly by showing another way forward and secondly by reminding me of the joy that the game can bring, demonstrated by the children and especially the young boy who was so badly burnt. Makes my creaking knees seem a lot less of a problem!!!!!
Thank you for an excellent report.


Chuck July 6, 2012 at 4:05 am

Good job Dave!!! On lowering your handicap and receiving the new clubs for the first tee!!!!

I used to work parttime at a golf store that had a pga pro and had indoor lessons. I myself had the benefit of getting help with my swing indoors. I did not read your full article as you went through the process. I did want to add my observations: As I talked to the pga pro he liked the idea that you only worked on your swing, the ball hit the net so you didnt get to see the ball flight (good or bad). Also I assume you had cameras of your swing. That I found to be the most useful. I got to see my swing from a side view and a back view. When the pro was telling me what I was doing I also got to see it and make corrections. I also noticed you did this for 3 months, you had regular lessons, and I will also assume you practiced the drills given you. Ive seen many people come and get a lesson from the pro: 1 they do it right before some scramble their company is putting on, and 2 they dont practice or you never see them again. Again Great Article!!!!!!! and Congrats!!!!!!


Golfspy Dave July 5, 2012 at 9:40 pm

Thanks for all of the great comments. Many of you are dead on with my overall assessment. It was great to improve the game, but WAY better to get the clubs for the kids. Kind of fun that the little lesson project grew into something so rewarding.


blstrong (SeeRed) July 5, 2012 at 9:30 pm

Wow…amazing in many ways. A 7 point hdcp drop in three months is outstanding. But I can imagine that feeling took second place behind being able to help make such a positive impact on the kids. Great job, and kudos to Callaway for being such an important part of the program.


RON July 5, 2012 at 4:08 pm

One thing I learned in learning the golf swing is that an instructor can only teach you so much, you have feel it and sense it , if you cant do that all the best instructors in the world wont help. Instructors are good for looking at your alinement , ball position things like that but they cant teach you the most important thing in the swing and thats feel. That is what seperates the men from the boys.


Henk Timmer July 5, 2012 at 1:31 pm

Great job Dave.I like the way you started the challenge.The game of Golf needs these little bets.And that people improve by taking lessons indoor is true.We Golflinked are teaching indoors and we have a lot of succes.This we do in Holland.Dave keep up the good work.


Bill Ledbetter July 5, 2012 at 12:25 pm

While we all would love to lower our handicaps, being able to get someone to give a lasting memory and important tools to the kids is the best! Congrats on your improvement and keep it up.


Rev Kev July 5, 2012 at 11:44 am

What a great story. The kids say it all – look at them – they’ll always remember you for it! Wow – congrats – now find someone to help with the shot game and you’ll be single digit in now time! That would be a fitting reward for the hard work and joy you’ve brought to others.


KFlare July 5, 2012 at 9:57 am


First off, it’s amazing that you could have such an impact on these kids! To do it while improving your golf game is as good as it gets. Great work!

On the lessons side, I whole-heartedly agree that indoor lessons can be very effective for swing development. It goes hand-in-hand with long-term swing development. If you go to a pro on the range and say you don’t want to snap-hook, he’ll tweak your swing and watch your ballflight until you don’t snap hook. This is not a lasting change, and you still don’t have the ability to analyze your own faults. However, if you go to a pro with the goal of commanding your swing and getting consistent results, it opens the door to build your swing from the ground up while teaching you to monitor more than ballflight.

I have high praise for Golftec’s system. I recently went to them with impact position issues, but the pro started with my stance, weight transfer, takeaway, etc. before we ever even looked at impact. Even though I’ve probably taken 20+ lessons over 10 years of golfing, the Golftec process is when I really got consistent results and lowered my handicap (3 strokes so far). The downside was a pressure sales environment to buy more lessons, but the upside was a highly-structured coaching process that fit my style very well!


R. P. Jacobs II July 5, 2012 at 9:34 am

Great job Dave!…I know ya love dropping the strokes, though getting those clubs to the kids has got to be an fantastic feeling!…Great picture!!…Well, now you’re at the door step to single digits..Short game(120yds in) & putting my man, short game & putting!…..

The Best….

Fairways & Greens 4ever……


Frank July 5, 2012 at 9:14 am

Well done! helping the kids is the first and foremost to this article. I have a local first tee program a few blocks from me and would love to parttake in soemthing like this.

secondly, the lessons indoors. the comment “Given the right instructor”. I took indoor lessons for a little less than six months. the guy was s great guy not a PGA pro which is my own fault for trying to skim on funds. he knew a little about the swing but when it came downt o fixing my consistent errors it jsut wasn’t happneing. I would hit shots in his bay while finishing with one hand knowignth eball was mis hit badly and he would say that was a good swing whyt he one handed finsih. Ultimately I had to change “Doctors” and work with a gentlemen in the PGA who also has a heated indoor range with bays out to a driving range. things couldn’t have been better!

GREAT JOB MGS DAVE!!!!!! the story about the little one made tears come to my eyes hoep you give us updates that he wins some local JR events in the near future that would be one for the movies……Either way you helped a person in needed


Bruce Bell July 5, 2012 at 9:13 am

Nice to see the results of your efforts in print. Nice to see the realm in which you hang out when not teaching. The clubs I bought on your recommendation from Ifit have given me back the game I lost when I became an official senior citizen. Thanks for that and for this peek into your golf life away from the course.


wdgolf July 5, 2012 at 8:12 am


First off congratulations on your handicap. Your before stats are strangely similar to mine and I’m also taking indoor lessons. Hopefully I’ll be a 13 index as well in the next few months!

Really great story, love what Callaway did for the kids.


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