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Our job is your game

You Deserve The Truth And Nothing But.

Our mission is to inform and protect the golf consumer. We want you to get the most out of your money, time and performance. That means providing you with reviews you can trust, as well as honest reporting on the latest issues affecting the game today.

The 4 MyGolfSpy Core Beliefs


The Golfer Matters

Everything we do and our reason for being is focused on the needs and desires of the individual golfer.


100% Datacratic

Everything we do and say has its foundation on cold, hard data. We challenge any and every claim with scientific measurement and analysis.


Proudly Unbiased

We do not accept ad revenue from the big golf companies. This ensures that our content is never in conflict with our business interests. Delivering the unbiased truth is our only business.


Fiercely Independent

The absence of sponsor influences frees us to carry out our mission. That freedom allows us to have a unique voice and point of view while the rest of the industry is greatly controlled by the big companies interests.

Power To The Player

MyGolfSpy is on the verge of something groundbreaking. As we speak, golf companies are in control. They have become more about marketing than the actual performance of their products. The golfer has been forgotten about. They have put profits over the player.

MyGolfSpy is about to put you back in control. 100% of golfers will finally be able to reach their games full potential. This way information really is power and distance and accuracy. Our new system is based on truth not hype. Performance not marketing.

Support Unbiased Testing.

Our job is your game.

MyGolfSpy is the only major golf media outlet that declines advertising dollars from the biggest names in golf. You won’t find their banners here. We truly believe it’s the only way to remain above the influence, publish real results based on real data, and continue to provide honest opinion and commentary about what’s happening inside the golf equipment industry.

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