Meet Our Team

Adam Beach

Adam Beach

My name is Adam Beach and all I know is golf. This place, this site, it’s more than just a business to me, it truly is an expression of who I am and what I believe in, down to my core. I feel the work I do is a reflection of who I am and the idea behind the work I do is more important than the work itself. #PowerToThePlayer
  • Driver Ping G30
  • Hybrids PXG 0317
  • 3/4 IRON PXG 0311XF
  • 5-GW Srixon Z 565
  • SW PXG 0317
  • LW PXG 0311
  • Putter EVNROLL
Tony Covey

Tony Covey

Tony is the editor of mygolfspy. His coverage of golf equipment extends far beyond the facts as dictated by the companies that created them. He believes in performance over hype. #PowerToThePlayer
Dan Mann

Dan Mann

Dan is a golfer, geek and gadget obsessed Canadian with a with a flair for the dramatic.
  • Driver Bombtech Grenade
  • UTILITY Srixon Z U65 18°
  • IRONS Srixon Z565 (4-5) Z765 (6-PW)
  • WEDGES Cleveland RTX 3.0 50°/54°/58°
  • Putter Tyson Lamb F-Bomb
  • Ball Snell MTB & Srixon ZStar XV
Dave Wolfe

Dave Wolfe

Staff Writer
A putter-obesessed recreational golfer, constantly striving to improve his game while not getting too hung up about it. Golf should be fun, always.
Sam Robinson

Sam Robinson

Director Of Product Testing
0.5 Handicap
Sam is the Director of the MyGolfSpy Testing Facility. After receiving his B.S.B.A. in Marketing, Sam joined the MyGolfSpy team where he works day in and day out to bring you the most comprehensive and unbiased golf equipment test results. #PowerToThePlayer
  • Driver PING G LS Tec
  • Fairway Nike Sasquatch 2
  • Hybrid PXG 0317 19*
  • Irons Srixon Z565 4-PW
  • Wedges PXG 0311 (50,55,60)
  • Putter Odyssey White Hot RX #1
John Barba

John Barba

Staff Writer & Forum Director
John is an avid middle-aged golfer, writer, HVAC trainer and 7 handicap. Finalist in the 2015 Hack To Jack Golf Reality Show, John is a fan of Jack, Arnie, Ben Hogan and Jason Day.
Chris Nickel

Chris Nickel

Staff Writer
0.0 Handicap
Chris is a self-diagnosed equipment and golf junkie, and he's proud of it. When he's not coaching the local high school and middle school golf teams, he's probably on the range or trying to keep up with his wife and seven beautiful daughters. Chris is based out of Fort Collins, CO and his neighbors believe long brown boxes are simply part of his porch decor. "Isn't it funny? The truth just sounds different."
  • Driver Cobra LTD
  • Fairway Cobra F7
  • Hybrids Cobra F7
  • Irons Srixon U65/765/965
  • Wedges Cleveland RTX-3 / Edel
  • Putter Evnroll ER-1