Has Ping Created The World’s Straightest Driver? (PATENT APPLICATION!)


I have seen all kinds of interesting patents and patent applications...some good but most bad...I feel most of them are just too complex to become functional.  Well this one might sound complex but the complex is simple in theory and I think you might actually get to see something like this one come to the market one day soon.  Depends on what the USGA will have to say about this one though.


Because imagine that MOI was a thing of the past...meaning no matter where you hit the ball on the face the ball would go straight.  Now it might not fly as far or roll as long but the direction would always be the same.  Well that is what Ping in theory looks to have done with their latest patent application. This might actually work!

Has Ping Invented The World's Straightest Driver?

Basically what you have is a plate that sits behind the face weighting anywhere between 20-40 grams total which would react to where the ball was struck on the face.  This particular design only seems to take left to right misses into consideration and not top to bottom but still the idea sounds quite sound and intriguing.  Because basically what would happen is if let's say you hit a ball off the heel of the face of your driver...which cause the ball to spin and go off the intended line of flight.  Well this rotation of the head at impact would also cause the restrictor plate to rotate in the same direction causing the opposite side to deform in shape and adjust in its stiffness and as a result the MOI would be instantaneously adjusted and in theory cause the ball to still fly straight.

Adjustable MOI Patent

Adjustable MOI Patent


- NEW! – Ping Putter Patent (Guess The Name?)
- New! TaylorMade Driver Patent Issued


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Driver indir April 3, 2010 at 5:25 am

I read this post via the twitter feed. It was interesting to see both sides of the what will be an ongoing story.


Garry February 16, 2010 at 7:55 pm

Doc.. I am not far behind you the etirement thing. I committed to some Sping orders way back in Oct. that are now roliing in. I have 6 weeks from release to make it, before the new wears off and the blow outs start. I have a good friend in the San Marcos area.. I head south a lot when the snoballs fly here. To old and beat up to ski(reason I am old and beat up) There are some real deals on courses that threw people out for not driving a new BMW, begging to come play me by email spamming.. One I really like is Barton Creek. One guy in our golf group is a politician.. poor *ucker gets hammered no matter how much he rides the fence. Because he deserves it.. lololol hit em long and str8 Doc


Doc February 16, 2010 at 7:39 pm

All humor aside, I recently bought an old”wood” Ping driver (the same club I gave up many,many years ago because I could not hit it anywhere)…took it out and hit it…about 40 or so yards less than my current T.M..but it reminded me just how different things have become… I’ve always missed the solid sound of a well struck wood driver compared to metals…but I surely won’t give up the increased yardage and control….And yea, I am always in wonder how those guys hit those balls so well….I had gone back to college in the 70’s and after several years of no golf I got out on the course and pulled a “new” (actually an old new sleeve of Maxfli’s) out to play….They had become “deformed”…half egg shaped and big bumps on them…I suppose from being stored in the heat… Abyhow, perhaps you’re right…I was in DC last year on vacation…hadn’t been there in years…nice place to visit, but I’m now retired and moved to SoCal so I can play lots of golf… even being a politician…I think!…lol


Garry February 16, 2010 at 7:10 pm

Doc.. my only concern with new tech is that OEM’s like Ping design with in the rules set forth…. You know the “spirt of the game” thing. I thought way back when the original case was hitting ther fan.. I thought Ping stretched the limits.. I played Mizuno back then… but they were legalized and that was that.. If I hated tech.. I would use and old gutty and wood clubs. Which I tired at teh Golf Hall of Fame.. Amazing that those old guys could breal a 100. I have lopsided balls that put better


Garry February 16, 2010 at 7:03 pm

Doc.. perks are part of the sales game in all industries, whether you like it or if I like it. . I just know how the salles industry works. As FSU#21 said.. spiffs are part of the sales are the awayys.. who better than to give things to,than guys at ground level who do the selling? If you bothered to read an earlier post of mine. I am on no ones staff! The reason being is not to have a biased opinion. I can also guarantee you one thing youwill never hear at a corp meeting is the “consumer” and “savings” and If you thing I am wrong.. just think about the MAP.. fixed pricing. Yup that is real consumer freindly.. the least of your worries is some sales guy getting a dozen ballls and costing you money. You sound just like a Republican in Congress naying the handouts,, but slopping at the trough of money being handed out. Maybe we both should head to DC!! What say you Doc? lolol Email your local congress guys to vote for the consumer protection agency then!


Doc February 16, 2010 at 6:50 pm

Sounds to me that if you or your people don’t get their palms greased, the offending company is not well represented in your store…obviously, with this type thinking, you perhaps have missed a calling to be in politics! And you had the audacity to accuse MSG of underhanded dealings! Shame!…and Gerry…please…don’t yell, I can understand your rudimentary coments easily enough…
…Just to allow you to rest easy, no, I know very little about the inner workings of the golf industry. I have quite enough problem handling the little bit I deal with on the course. However, I do know something of human behavior within the capacity of big business…enough to realize that when palms get greased, ultimately the consumer gets screwed…either because the “greased palm” ignores “pushing” a better product in order to justify having the palm greased, or sellers/dealers failure to accept the fact that maybe the company greasing the palm has little else to offer…either way…joe consumer will lose….but, again, that type approach is very effective in most political circles…just a thot…lol


fsu#21 February 17, 2010 at 8:16 am

sorry im a little late to the discussion. let me give you a scenario. say you have a guy working in retail for maybe $8-$9 an hour, say the NIKE rep comes in and offers anyone hitting a nike sales quota a paid trip to “the oven” or beaverton their choice, say the ADAMS rep comes in offering cash and/or product incentives to move adams product,say the TAYLOR MADE rep is offering a full head to toe package to the leading taylor made sales person, say the TITLEIST rep orders you a couple dozen prov1’s with your name on them free of charge just because he wants you to use his product. NOW LISTEN UP CAUSE THIS PART’S IMPORTANT, say the PING rep comes in and tells you unless your a staff player they will be no incentives what so ever and when you ask why he say’s”because we dont have to”!! say one day your shop is having a 10% of sale on everything except ping and a new worker accidently gave a ping mystery shopper $11 off on a putter soon there after you get notifacation from ping that your account will be frozen/suspended for 1 year because you violated their P.P. policy.everthing you have just read is true for better or worse. LISTEN when i entered the P.G.M. PROGRAM you quickly realize that we dont do this for the money we do it for the love of the game. anything any of the company’s do for us is greatly appreciated it’s really more of a professional courtesy than “palm greasing” and as far as i know nobody in the industry slights ping products. in my opinion ping is made up of a bunch of cheap pompus a–holes but i still would’nt sway a customer who is intereted in a ping product. if ping does’nt want to take care of their own then so be it.


Garry February 16, 2010 at 3:39 pm

Doc …I have news for you.. alll the OEMS come out with a driver every other week.IWe have all kinds of them. Cars come out with a new model every year, so what is the big deal about a driver? Value.. a club once it is hit has no value to me. . IF IT WASN”T FOR YOU, THE CUSTOMER DEMANDING IT, the OEM’s wouldn’t do it. Do you even have an idea how much money is spent on R&R? It would save alkl the OEM’s millions if thye did the old every two year releases. Just like any business.. perks are part of the business. If some company rep wants my people to push THEIR product over others.. THEY DAMN WELL BETTER grease their palms. I am betting you know very little on how the inside part of the golf business works. So I wouldn’
t be jumping to any conclusions. and if you are a real Doctory in life.. tell me you don’t get perks from the pill and medical companies. I know all my doctor and pharamscy golfoing buddies sure do. Pills out the wazoo… trips.. golf clubs.. eveningd in the strip bars etc..

You can rave on about TM all you want. I know one thing. I got my new TM drivers in late Monday. Damn near sold out today. I will sell more TM drivers this week than all the rest of the brandfs combined for the rest of the year. With TM having over 55% of the golf pie.. They must be doing something RIGHT. Ping.. they strong arm vendors. They come into shops and demand an audit.. if you don’t let them look at your books. They whack your account. Sonds like a real wonderful company to deal with,, doesn’t it? If you sell their garbage for $1 under MAP.. they will take your account. I say that is real good for the consumer. What say you DOC?


Doc February 16, 2010 at 3:17 pm

Some times you people are too close to the kitchen and therefore have forgotten how the food smells! Speaking only from a players/buyer perspective, Ping is a great, I repeat, great company… So is Callaway…and I believe in our capitalistic society, profit is still considered a pretty good motive. Therefore, just because as “vendors” you get bent out of shape because some companies rep doesn’t give you as many “freebies” as some other companies might do… You’re showing your bad side there… You see, both companies make a good, better than average product that “Joe average” can use. Ping has probably been more instramental in providing “usable” clubs (let alone their contribution to putters) than any other one company. T-M, ( when talking about profit,) they come out with a new cliub about every 10 days, thereby making all previous ones obsolete and therefore less valuable….Yet, you don’t seem to be “put-off” by them….guess you get more “freebies” from them…
…As for this forum, I’ve followed it as often as I can and have never felt there was any…repeat…any favoritism shown towards any one OEM. I handled procurement for a couple large companies for many years, and above the boardroom door at one of them was a sign that read…”For every new idea, there are 1,000 people appointed to guard the past”…Innovation , or pushing the envelope, is ultimately the vehical that leads to progression…We all, sooner or later profit from it…..Unless of course, you are one of the 1.000 appointed to guard the past.
Just my 2 cents worth…lol


Scott February 13, 2010 at 2:32 am

I repped for them for two years. Had my lowest rounds I every played and the longest, straightest drives with them. Only clubs I ever broke par with. Great product, horses__t company.



rob February 12, 2010 at 8:13 am

Scott – my wife still has the Goldwin driver that I bought he a number of years ago when she was starting to learn the game. She hit that thing a country mile for a rank beginner.


rob February 12, 2010 at 8:10 am

I revisited this post via Tom Wishons site to get his perspective on this. The legality of the design will be a hurdle for Ping but even if they are able to push it through, Tom did offer up a thought based on his research –
“One of the engineering groups for which I do consulting and from which I get some modeling work done did a very carefully constructed FEA modeling project to determine the effect of MOI increases on the amount the head would twist in response to an off center hit.
To make a long story short, they found that for a 3/4” off center hit at 109mph, a driver head with an MOI that would be 1400 g-cm2 higher would see a reduction in twisting of the head of 1/4º. Put this into a more “normal” golfer’s hands – by normal golfer I mean a golfer with a 90mph swing speed. Now you are talking about a 1400 g-cm² increase in MOI bringing about a reduction in twisting more along the line of 1/8º. That’s pretty small. Not exactly what you would say would be a very pronounced improvement.”


fsu#21 February 12, 2010 at 9:22 am

after hearing that PING sat down with the USGA this week to discuss changes in the eye2 square groove issue it looks to me like ping is building up it’s I.O.U.’s in FAR HILLS N.J. that court awarded eye2 ruling is basically worthless to them now anyway.


Garry February 11, 2010 at 5:07 pm

B 4 U get the snow.. it might be a gift from us. I am already gunned up from shoveling. My favorite little ski area. last year was a record fall.. 500 plus inches. If it keeps up,, might be a new record. I’d rather be playing in warm sunshine thO


Garry February 11, 2010 at 4:32 pm

I am into the Scotty thing. That is going to be my retirement job. Bridgestone will cut you guys a deal on irons and woods. I don’t Staff for anyone. I found myself pushing one specific product… then would up with a bunch of other inventory. If I want something, I get it a very good deal. Sell the old set and wind up even. Where R U in SoCal. I get to Escondido/San Diego area a lot and will be a lot more soon.

I am going to hit the LD gig in Mesquite Nv Mar 24-28 and watch some guys really take it deep and golf. Coyote Springs… check it out on the net.. UNfriigingbelieable.. and that ius just the practice area.. out in the middle of nowhere nowhere.. closest thing is Area 51 lolol A PGA retirement center that isn’t going to fly now


fsu#21 February 11, 2010 at 5:02 pm

i have an all-in deal with callaway but it’s not staff it is a p.u.d. that im happy with. i just think it’s pretty classy when reps give you freebies without expectations. that’s rare now a days. im sure you could get on staff with any company you wanted so it’s admirable you’ve gone the unbiased road. i dont live in SO/CAL as a matter of fact i could’nt live further from there. i live in a region that has about 4 feet of snow on the ground and it’s going to take me 2 days to dig myself out!!! P.S.- YOUR ALL WELCOME TO GRAB A SHOVEL AND COME ON OVER!


Garry February 11, 2010 at 3:17 pm

LoLoL let em tee of FSU#21.. That is what it is about.. expressing vieews. You aren’t telling me anything new on how the almighty Ping treats its vendors. Dirt gets treated better by Ping-Callaway-Titleist are bullies. Mizuno is so so . TaylorMade is semi ok.. Bridgestone is great.

I am with you on the spirt part.. it is either legal or illegal…

FSU#21 did you have a Scoty CT Squareback up on ebay a couple days ago? I boib on one from a FSU something ID.. LOst but the guy sent me a 2nd chance offer. Is it you?


fsu#21 February 11, 2010 at 3:57 pm

no sir, i have never sold anything on ebay but i buy stuff. back when i sold part of my scotty collection i was lucky enough to sell to friends so i would have the option to buy them back one day. you are right on with bridgestone though. our rep came in a while back and there was only our pro-shop manager on premises so we did’nt even get to talk but the guy still sent the entire teaching staff 3 dozen balls and a couple of hats each. we dont forget that kind of stuff.


Garry February 11, 2010 at 1:32 pm

Buying a game is the way to go… I have yet to see a lbad golfer buy a self correcting club and get any better.

Stats have shown that guy goes and buys a driver. 20 yards longer than his old driver. 30 days later that hi dollar long driver is no longer than his old one. Why is it?

Most say one pays more attention with the new driver.. but after 30 days.. right back to their old bad ways. Mostly because they have no shot routine. If you are machine guy on the range.. you will not take your time on the course in setting up.

Visiting your local PGA Professional and taking 6 lessons will get better results. What good is a 300 yard drive when it takes 6 more shots to get in the hole.

What I find interesting is, a golfer will spend big bucks for a driver they may hit 14 times in a round for $500. But whine like a gut shot coyote, when then have to pay $700 for a set of irons(22 shots in a par round) or $200 for a putter they use 36 time(par golf) They spend the most on a driver and the least on the scoring part of the game. That is the difference between a golfer and a PLAYER that one tries to hopefully get to!

Ping as no respect for the “Spirt of the Game” less the rules. Ping it is a ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. they can lie all they want about helping the golfer get better all they want. Kind of like McCarron spouting off about Phil and the Eye2 wedgfes…… while play a long putter anchored to his body. Just depends on who is doing the cheating!


fsu#21 February 11, 2010 at 2:44 pm

STOP! before everyone tee’s off on GARRY you all might want to consider a couple of facts. first of all i dont agree with the “spirit of the game” comment PING “leagally “won the square groove issue and leagal or not i dont think these latest patents will ever see the light of day. that being said i do believe there is substance to the “ALL ABOUT MONEY” comment. ask most in retail and they’ll tell you PING is awfull to deal with. every ping product is stringintly price protected to the point that they send out ping mystery shoppers. if your caught or reported giving a 1 cent discount on ping stuff you can kiss your account goodbye for a year. ping very rarely offers any kind of staff deals to industry professionals and i’ve never heard of them giving sales spiffs like most other company’s do. im not saying they have to give anything but they should’nt expect anything either.


Matt February 11, 2010 at 11:51 am

The day a driver is made that corrects a shot off the heel, so it goes straight, is a sad day.

A shot off the heel is a bad shot, it should not go straight…isn’t that the game.

I mean why not design a club that puts the ball in the hole without having to swing it!!!

I think there has to be a limit to this somewhere. I know club makers have to do something, but don’t spoil the game by making it easy for all.


Miklós Breitner February 11, 2010 at 7:50 am

@Ian – a let’s think about the effects of such high tech golf club: 1. you will finish earlier the game (if everything goes OK), BUT 2. golf course owner has to extend the his golf course r-go green fee likely to increase and people will not necessarily wish to walk so much miles/kilometers.

At the very same time I give my respect to the developers, because it must be hard to come up always something novel and useful.


Ian February 11, 2010 at 7:42 am

I take my hat off to Ping…and the other golf equipment innovators. It’s very interesting to see what people/companies are thinking about and coming up with. As much as I love to look at the piece of art we refer to as a persimmon driver, I can’t even dream of playing it.
Let these innovative creators do their thing and we’ll see the cream rise to the top. There are many inventors fiddling away with ideas in basements and garages. If Ping and the other OEM’s stopped innovating, innovation won’t stop. Bring it on.
Otherwise, I agree with Miklos. God forbid we ever forget how to swing! A great golf swing is the most beautiful action in all of sport. Well, perhaps tied with womans beach volleyball. :-)


Miklós Breitner February 11, 2010 at 6:07 am

Oh my goodness. Again, a cutting edge, super high tech golf club…aren’t we fed up with these things. At the end of the day what really matters is our golf swing technique and skills isn’t it?


mygolfspy February 11, 2010 at 10:31 am

So do you think we should go back to wood drivers with no technology?


Scott February 11, 2010 at 1:13 am

This is not actually the first time this has been tried. Back i the 70’s there was a persimmon head club with a brass spring loaded sliding cylinder that ran through the middle of the head from back to face. Theory being it was going to fire the ball off the face. Not only was it deemed illegal it didn’t work anyway. I would think the ball would be long gone before anything would have an opportunity to work. I think these guys are just running out of ways to make a club smash a ball and make any appreciable difference. I would rather they work on just making a quality club. I’m not a big ball banger by any stretch and I have broken or cracked several drivers over the last few years and I don’t hit them any further than I used to hit my Goldwin and used that club for three years. I even wish I had it now!


mygolfspy February 11, 2010 at 10:32 am

Well the Goldwin was way ahead of its time.


fsu#21 February 13, 2010 at 2:21 pm

SCOTT- what kind of GOLDWIN driver did you have. just curious because my friends a pro at a local muni and they had like 3 of those things in rental bags.


rob February 10, 2010 at 4:07 pm

I’m fairly certain Tom Wishon had to do a bit of a redesign for his moveable weight driver where it was located on the inside of the head. They wanted assurance that it would not move. It is an interesting concept –


Garry February 9, 2010 at 12:35 pm

Scott I am in camop with you. Does it move in any way to dampen the toe or heel hit with the extra weight.. or does it move at impact acting as a dampener. We need more info on the bar. By USGA rules I believe it has to be a non moving part.

I remember taking a small tube of mercury hafl full. Thinking the mercury at impact would move to the favfe and creat more energy. What happened from the gravity was the mercury holding back in the tube and not moving forward until after impact.. Fun messing with it. Ruined a real nice MacGregory MT Driver. Drilled holes in so many clubs I can resell the metal shavings for scrap. Now I no why they have the USGA checking stuff out. Garage inventions are where it started..but some of the stuff is amazing to say the least

Time FORE a golf outing MGS.. Bet there a few guys who would love to come thaw out in sunny SoCal.

What say you MGS? Be great to meet the characters that hang out here. As ronnie reagan said.. speak no evil of a fellow golfer.. I think that is what he said


Scott February 9, 2010 at 12:17 pm

I’m not so sure the explanation as to how this is supposed to work is correct at this point. The reason I say that is that it is flat illegal to have ANY moving components in the head. If the plate is fixed behind the face that would be a different story. But, all I see that would do is redistribute weight forward. This explanation sounds more like something Jack Hamm would come up with and he has never offered a legal club in his life. Ping designers are definitely not Jack Hamms. I’d like to see the official explanation of how it works and how it is made. The KZG design was quite different from this but did work. It’s design was to reinforce the face and effectively spread the weight. It had no moving parts. I can see Jack licking his chops dreaming of his next infomercial now!


BTO February 9, 2010 at 12:13 pm

First of all I am man enough to apologize. I was enjoying the early dialog from both of you, but the tone changed and I did not feel it was in the best interest of the discussion. I did not question anyone’s resume’. Anyone involved in this great business has a point of view, and like I said was enjoying it until I had my point of view about the tone..
I see the same ol’ crap ol’ advertised every day. I am in total agreement with MSG on his mission to root out hype and myth and bring new insight to his forum.
I am also a machinist, chemist, holder of seven patents, own two businesses, short game instructer, and love helping golfers become better players. Does not mean much when ideas become locked in stone, or the tone of the discussion. Nothing wrong with opposite views when presented correctly.
Congratulations on being able to retire, I hope to work for as long as I can in the game I most enjoy.
I think I would enjoy meeting both of you. I have a feeling the debate would be lively and informative .


Garry February 9, 2010 at 11:09 am

BTO have no ax to grind with MGSn nor did I think I was persoanlly attack him as you are suggesting. I have my ideas on the technology. MGS has his and he is not the only person in here who has design.. machinist etc experience in the golf biz. My resume isn’t lacking by any means in the golf business. I I guess having a discussion with opposite views is an attack. No I suppose I am attcking you also.

FYI the reason I am retiring is I CAN.. I have be very successful in the golf business to be able to retire. BTO.. don’t judge a book by its cover. Blogs should have opposite views. One might learn something from it. I have never met anyone in my life that IS ALWAYS RIGHT or HAS ALL THE ANSWERS


mygolfspy February 9, 2010 at 11:15 am

Garry trust me…I know it is not a personal attack. I enjoy the discussion actually. I like to engage in conversation with people that ae passionate about what they do so I enjoy it.


BTO February 9, 2010 at 11:05 am

MGS… Honest debate is a good thing until a line is crossed. Debate in Golf most likely will be forever. I know professional golfers and club fitters who reject demonstarted performance and absolute data because they were told this or that years ago.

I recently had a PGA Club Pro tell me he really liked our product, but since we were too small and not X company, he only promoted thier clubs. Then I have had other PGA Club Pro’s sell more of our product than the competition. Including more than X brand.

Stay who you are!!!!!


fsu#21 February 9, 2010 at 11:02 am

you two got me off my game, i forgot to comment about the driver. like i said last month about the ping putter patent it just seems like ping is pushing the envelope with the USGA but when you think about it isnt that their job. i’ve played in a handfull of local pro events the past couple of years and you see a few more square or high moi drivers in players bags. the real question is how much distance am i losing and how much accuracy am i gaining. personally i tried an ft-iq my callaway guy gave me last year and i was down on average almost 17 yards a drive so it was not worth my while to switch. maybe this ping will find a way to hold the distance.


BTO February 9, 2010 at 10:03 am

MGS.. I have spoken with you on a few occasions and your mission is honest, informative, and unbiased. I have followed these posts this morning and not sure the tone from Garry. I think I know why he is getting out of the business. His comments have taken on a personal attack. Too bad.


mygolfspy February 9, 2010 at 10:09 am

Everyday I go to work I go to work for the consumer to be honest. It is what I have decided to dedicate my career to. But Garry and I have had some discussions like this and it is good to express how you feel. I know he has spent a long time in the industry and has a lot of knowledge about what he does. But him asking if I accept gifts and it seems like our views are skewed is way off base. But I appreciate his comments just like I do all the other readers. That is why I am here to start discussions about this industry, the equipment in it and how everyone feels about it.


Garry February 9, 2010 at 8:47 am

really no bearing you say MSG.. why the increased bulge on the face then? I understand you having to suck up to the OEM’s. But I see some of the same design as teh 1980’s GE technology. Ping is not any great inovator of golf products any more than the next OEM.

Do you accept gifts from the OEM’s? You seem to have a biased skew on products. I have no favorite.. I am on no staff. Don’t want to be told what to do. I think it is best to have a unbiased look when in the golf field(reps not included) I give the customer the pros and the cons. Both sides must be aired!


mygolfspy February 9, 2010 at 9:01 am

LOL…maybe you have not read many of our articles to understand why I started MGS but sucking up to the OEM’s is the last thing this site is about. And being biased is the total opposite of how we run this site.

If it was then we would be getting advertising from all the major golf companies…we have been approached by every single one in one way or another about having a presence on MGS and I tell them all the same thing…that our reviews of their products will be 100% un-biased and that is why they don’t advertise with us. In the end it is not the best for the consumer or for this site to be biased.

You might think they are skewed views because you don’t agree. But I have been in club design almost my entire career and I know the difference between bulge and roll which every driver has and a plate that deforms behind the wall at impact to alter MOI. They are too totally different technologies. Every driver has bulge and roll to create a gear effect. Some have more and some have less but none are flat. And we give the readers pros and cons in every product review we do…so don’t really see where you are going with that.

I tell it like I see it in every article I write…and that is the way this site will always be.

And I would have to say that your statement about Ping not being an great innovator of golf products might be the farthest thing you said from the truth. If you were in the design industry or spoke to anyone in it and said that to them they would almost all disagree. They completely changed the way irons and putters are presently made and designed. You don’t call that innovative?


fsu#21 February 9, 2010 at 10:41 am

GARRY did’nt you say you were heading out to the west coast soon, if so we need to get you and MGS together and settle your little 2 day bickering match the old fashioned way! i’ll promote it and book all the action. on a more serious note i partially agree with both of you , i dont know how many students show up at our golf academy wanting to know why their new $1500 clubs dont work and i have to explain to them get lessons/get fitted/ get equipment in that order. on the other hand i have’nt seen MGS showing any favoritism towards any one particullar OEM. I have only been contributing to this site for the last 6 months or so but MGS seems to call it like they see it for better or worse. now you boys behave!!!


mygolfspy February 9, 2010 at 11:01 am

:) FSU#21. I think it would be a great promotion for the site…just kidding. Well it might be if I went head to head with the other golf site owners in the ring. And if you put it together I would be game. Might be what the industry needs…lol.

No seriously Garry’s points might be right but they have nothing to do with the subject. This is about awards…and how we choose the winners. And that has nothing to do with shop owners not being able to sell a product that we chose. That is not a criteria we use to evaluate products for awards. Just like we said we give awards to companies for innovating and pushing technology envelopes. And Scratch has definitely been an innovator in the industry.


Bernie February 9, 2010 at 7:40 am

Actually I like the idea. It seems like an offshoot of KZG’s “Gemini” Driver. It had a face built behind the face. It wasn’t bad sounding at impact at all (KZG always built a nice club head) and though it wasn’t the furthest driver I’ve ever owned–it was certainly the most forgiving. It was USGA Legal, and I almost always split the fairway with that puppy–even with some serious laid off over the top—and I mean –WAY OVER THE TOP–swing flaws used as a tester. Though it wasn’t the most workable club–high cuts and baby draws were manufactured off the tee fairly easily.

After a season’s worth of constant fairways, I eventually sold the club. This was back in the day as the head was 350CC and the Snot Green Aldila NV Shaft was labeled “Prototype.” Like all testosterone driven red blooded American MAle golfers–Ihitting the fairway all the time just wasn’t good enough. I wanted more distance damnit!—I often look back on that season and wished I still had that club!


mygolfspy February 9, 2010 at 8:12 am

I remember that driver and many others that implemented the dual face technology. A clone company by the name of Integra kind of started the trend with a driver that was SERIOUSLY long.

Sorry you got rid of it…clubs like that I never get rid of. They might go in the closet but I never sell them.


Bernie February 9, 2010 at 8:27 am

I believe you are correct (as usual), as there was a time when Integra was actually known as a quality company. They even had a set of forged iron heads out there for a while that were both long and forgiving. I’m not sure their quality control is what it once was, as I’ve heard many mixed reviews of their latest head–the Disukaba.—-I’d like to see Ping make a run at this one–but since it is Ping–Lord only knows how much it will cost.


mygolfspy February 9, 2010 at 8:43 am

Yeah Integra is a very interesting story. Well maybe just to me. But I know the owner and have designed a couple technologies that they have incorporated into their heads. But his story is very interesting. They become world renowned for winning the World Long Drive back when it was getting big and their name was getting major publicity…but he decided to make the heads cheaper but still have technology that worked. Worked ok at the time but got a bad rap for quality real quickly. But I will be honest some of the technologies that are used in some of his heads are ahead of their time. They had a driver called the Disukaba that was by far the longest driver at the time and felt out of this world. I still have a few of them laying around and play them from time to time. The quality was much better on these. Because he has the ability and access to any foundry he wants. Integra is not actually how the owner makes his money. Well not most of it.


Regan February 9, 2010 at 7:27 am

there is no way the usga is going to allow this


JOE B February 9, 2010 at 7:17 am



BTO February 9, 2010 at 7:12 am

Moving parts, and USGA….. Hmmmmmm!


glenn February 9, 2010 at 11:34 am

Any new Ping offering and the USGA?…Hmmm?


Garry February 9, 2010 at 6:17 am

Sounds like a bunch of sales hype. Long ago Hogan I believe it was had what they called the GE clubs. Gear Effect. Same thing. Weight and more bulge on the face. Didn’t work back then. Won’t work know. If you have side spin from cutting across the ball. I don’t care how much weight and bulge they do, it won’t work.

There is nothing like taking lessons and practicing to get a correct swing.. You can not buy one out of a golf shop by buying a gimmicked up club!


Regan February 9, 2010 at 7:29 am

i agree garry there is no substitute for having a sound golf swing but for those who don’t this driver could really help


mygolfspy February 9, 2010 at 8:15 am

I can promise you that if Ping has trying to patent it then the technology will most likely work. Hogans was nothing like this in how it works. You never see Ping come out with gimmicks that dont work…rather the opposite.


matt February 8, 2010 at 3:05 pm

This is very very cool. For people that are not the greatest at hitting the ball consitently, this is great, but as for a low handicapper such as myself it might take away part of the game…Very interesting concept tho, props to ping for this one, cuz it sure is original


Seizo February 8, 2010 at 2:10 pm

Will this affect your ability to work the ball? I don’t know, but it will probably be quite some time before we see this in an actual product.


mygolfspy February 8, 2010 at 2:12 pm

Only speculating…but I would imagine it would have to make working the ball more difficult.


Golfer Burnz February 8, 2010 at 2:03 pm

Instantateous, on-the-fly, during point of impact, self-correcting drivers? Almost sounds to good to be true. Wind would be the wild card.


Seizo February 8, 2010 at 8:46 am

Interesting. I wonder how driver built like this would sound at impact.


mygolfspy February 8, 2010 at 8:48 am

I agree Seizo…I am sure this will be one of their biggest hurdles if they come out with this.


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