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:: A Long Time Coming

I'd be lying if I said anything other than the Krank Formula 5 was at the top of my "Must Try Drivers" list for 2013. The damn thing just looked so cool (a subjective assessment, I know), and given Krank's long drive roots, we were working off the assumption that it would prove to be one of the longest clubs in our 2013 Most Wanted Driver Test.

We didn't get to test it - nobody did.

Unfortunately for basically anyone interested in the new driver, 2013 probably didn't start off as smoothly as the guys at Krank Golf had planned. Release of their latest model got pushed back because of some legal issues with UST-Mamiya (the Formula 5 was originally called the Element; a name UST uses for a line of shafts).

Krank got that sorted out only to run into more delays receiving their shaft inventory from Fujikura. If that wasn't enough, Callaway, in their bid to all but own the long drive circuit signed away key Krank staffers including 2011 Champion Karl Wolter.

By summer Krank had weathered the worst of the storm. Orders for the new Formula 5 driver were shipping (finally). The accessory weight kit was in stock, and most importantly, Krank was able to finally give us a hands-on look at their latest creation.


:: Specifications

Krank Formula Five drivers are available in lofts of 5°, 6°, 7.5°, 9°, 10.5°, and 12°.

Retail price for a head only, or the head with the stock Krank exclusive Fujikura Inertia shaft is $399.00 You can upgrade to the lower launch, lower spin Tour or Light Tour (50g) shaft for an extra $99.

For those ordering fully assembled clubs, Krank will build your club anywhere from 44" to 47". There is also an option to build your Krank driver with a long drive shaft (Fujikura Livewire, or Fujikura Firewire) for an extra $149. The long drive model can be build from 44" to 48".

An optional weight kit allows you to alter swingweight and create a fade or draw bias based on the positioning of the weights.

Obviously competing with known commodities while coming in at the same or higher price point is a challenge for Krank, but as one of the more popular component drivers on the market, it doesn't seem to be hurting them.


:: Looks

Once again, let's start with the obvious. Sure it's mostly black, but there is that neon green thing. And yes, there's also that periodic table, element-type stuff that carried over from the original name. On the sole of the club, it's not big deal, but that fact that both spill over and are visible on the crown; I think it's reasonably safe to say that the color scheme probably isn't going to work for everyone (I can basically say that about anything and look mostly smart).

The radioactive symbol (also in neon green) that's used as the alignment aid will also, almost certainly, turn some golfers away - as will use of the same symbol on the face. In the interest of, from one perspective, color coordinating, or from another, making the Formula 5 look totally bad ass, Krank also had Fujikura make the the Krank-original Inertia shaft match the head perfectly.

My thinking on the subject; If TaylorMade can do white, and Cobra can basically do anything they want, what's the big deal about a little bit (or lots) of neon green. If the whole head was that color, I'd probably love it. But hey...if it's not your thing, it's not your thing and that's cool.


Even with all that neon, the single defining physical feature of the Krank Formula 5 Driver is the incredibly tall face. While the trapezoidal shape no doubts creates an illusion that the face is taller than it actually is, I'd still wager that the Formula 5 has more face than any driver you've seen in quite some time. On the positive side, it creates the illusion that you've got an infinite amount of space to work with. The one negative that I experienced personally was a tendency to hit the ball low on the face (which isn't so good for spin numbers). I'm sure in time, through familiarity, tee height adjustment or both, it'd be easy to resolve, but it's something that, for me anyway, took a little big of getting used to to.

While I find the Formula 5 to be visually stunning - arguably one of the coolest designs we've seen over the past several seasons, I wouldn't be the least bit shocked by anyone who told me they hate it. Polarizing is probably the right word.


:: Sound and Feel

If I was given only one word to describe the sound of the Krank Formula 5 driver, I'd probably keep it simple and go with LOUD. And while I will maintain until my last breath that the Krank Formula 5 is in fact as loud as nearly anything we've tested, it's also a very different kind of loud.

Looking back at our Most Wanted Driver Test, both the TaylorMade R1 and Adams Super S were high-pitched loud. Early versions of Cobra's composite drivers had sort of a hollow-loud thing going on. Most other drivers that feel more metal than others have sort of a ting-y thing going on. The Formula 5 is different. It's metallic, solid loud. If I didn't know otherwise, I might be inclined to think the head was solid. If you were strong enough to hit a golf ball with a solid steel i-beam, it might feel like the Formula 5.

With sound and feel being closely related (they're basically the same), it won't shock you to learn that the Krank feels very solid, and not the least bit muted. Me...I don't love it. I tend to favor softer, more muted drivers like the Cobra AMP Cell Pro, or Callaway's Optiforce. Those are arguably at one extreme of sound and feel, and the Krank Formula 5 is at the other. It's not bad, it's simply a subjective preference. Guys who have an affinity for more recent designs from PING and Adams might very well love what the Krank Formula 5 brings to the table.


:: Performance

The Krank Formula 5 is a driver, it's not a magic wand. Despite all this long drive stuff, Krank still has to play by the same USGA rules as everybody else.

While I do believe it's still possible to engineer distance, and it's definitely possible for a guy to pick up 20 yards just by switching his driver, I also think that more often than not, you're going to see much more improvement through custom fitting than you will from swapping out your off the rack driver for dream of more distance from another off the rack driver.

It's no different with Krank.

A majority of the guys who took part in our Most Wanted Driver Test also hit the Krank Formula 5 for this club report. Surprisingly, I suppose, almost no one was blown away by the distance. While my suspicion that our higher swing speed player would absolutely thrive at 7.5° proved correct (he killed it with the Krank), the other guys produced what I suppose qualifies as average (and in once case, below average) distance.


Some of that can almost certainly be chalked up to a total lack of familiarity with the Krank shaft offerings. There will always be performance variances from head to head, even with known shafts, but generally speaking, it's much easier to get guys closer to optimized when you're starting with a known commodity. Getting guys dialed in with the Krank Formula 5 took a bit more trial and error than usual.

One of the things we observed is that the Krank Formula 5 tends to spin a little bit more on average compared to drivers of similar loft, while launch angles are inline with averages (again, compared to drivers of similar loft). It's definitely a fitting consideration, but one that can often be mitigated (we're not talking about extreme spin here) through the right combination of loft and shaft.


Where the Krank Formula 5 really shines, and this is perhaps in direct contrast with many perceptions about a company with long drive roots, is with accuracy.

We compared the numbers for the Krank Forumula 5 to those of the 17 drivers we hit during our Most Wanted DriverTest, and we're basically shocked by the results.

Here are the really compelling bits:

  • The Krank was on average closer to the center line than any other driver we've tested this season.
  • For individual fairway percentage, the Krank Formula 5 was in the top 3.

Even allowing for day to day variances, I'm fairly confident in my assessment that the Krank Formula 5 is absolutely one of the 5 most accurate drivers we've tested this year, and quite possibly is in the top 3.

Like I said...pretty unexpected stuff from a company most associate exclusively with distance.

I've said it countless times; fairways are infinitely more important than 5 or even the mythical 10 more yards off the tee. And the thing is...I'm fairly certain that once you find the right Krank 5 Combo, you're not going to be losing anything off the tee (you might even gain some), and the accuracy...damn.

Hitting more fairways is essential part of shooting lower scores.


Based on the feedback from our testers, the Krank Formula 5 fell victim to HUGE expectations. More than one of our testers incorrectly assumed that they'd pick up massive amounts of distance simply because Krank is still regarded as a long drive company. Instead what our testers experienced is a driver that proved to be average for distance (though easily one of the longest for our high swing speed tester), and anything but average, I'd call it exceptional, for accuracy.

That combination of solid distance, coupled with obscene accuracy easily places the Krank Formula 5 in the top handful of all drivers we've tested this season.

The Good

+ More more accurate than you would expect from a long drive company

+ Extremely consistent (forgiving)

+ Among the tallest, if not the tallest face of any driver on the market

+ Can be purchased as a component (head only)

The Bad

- While plenty long, some may have unrealistic expectations because of Krank's Long Drive heritage

- Neon graphics and Element theme not likely to sit will with traditionalists

- Lack of retail distribution makes custom fitting and trying before buying difficult

- $399/$498 price point will cause many to reconsider known commodities

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Terry February 18, 2015 at 3:06 pm

I have used them now for 12 years and this last one (Formula 5) is by far the best driver of the bunch. Accuracy is a fact with this driver. I can hit 12 of 14 fairways most rounds no problem without losing distance. I am 54 and still hit the ball around 280 and a high around 330 when I do catch it on a hole that does not have any penalties for a wayward drive. Many of my friends swear I have an illegal club!


ernie ruste February 4, 2015 at 12:54 am

is the formula 5 driver made in china?


TOM January 28, 2015 at 9:23 pm

I’ve been playing golf since I was 7, I’ll be 65 in March. I’ve gone from a 5 handicap to 16 in 58 years. 3 back surgeries and a beer belly later, I’m still hacking my way around. When I find a set of clubs I like I’ll stick with that brand until something comes along or catches my eye and I want to try it. Your club caught my eye, and I’d like to give it a shot. When I was in my 30’s my drives were long and straight, to the tune of 300+, with a balata ball. Now I use a Callaway Razr Fit 11.5 loft. I hit this club on average 225 yds. I have it set for a slice because I have a lazy draw with it set that way. I can also cut the ball off the tee better with the weights and shaft set for a slice. I still swing with the old school style, this better suits my screwed up back. What I’d like is to be able to stand more upright and relaxed over the ball like I used to. I have an extreme slow back swing (low and slow) and can see the club head with my peripheral vision at the apex of the back swing. but my follow through is only 3/4 of what it should be (again, screwed up back). So, whatta ya got for that? I even used hickory shafted clubs when I first started, so don’t feed me a bunch of equations and bullshit, just get me hitting straighter and maybe 20 yards further down the middle. That’s all I ask.


TOM January 28, 2015 at 9:25 pm

oh I forgot, my swing speed is right at 95.


The Club Nut January 29, 2015 at 9:40 am

TOM, are you in the area? If not, and you can maybe video your swing and take some measurements/ photos of your club and clubhead for me i might be able to make a few recommendations on some specs to shoot for.


The Club Nut January 29, 2015 at 9:41 am

area meaning my area… Central PA.


TOM January 29, 2015 at 12:38 pm

I’m in S.W. Washington state, not far from P-land.


The Club Nut January 29, 2015 at 12:48 pm

Well, a demo from me is out, but I’d still be happy to do whatever i can for you if you can help me out with the requests above. It’ll at least give you a head start.


Dan December 27, 2014 at 10:38 am

Why would Krank not test this club on the Iron Byron using exactly the same shafts and lengths and flex against Taylor Cally Crobra etc. They then could post results at all the different swing speeds



chris December 16, 2014 at 1:02 pm

FYI, I will have these in stock for fitting and demo early next season if anyone is in the Lancaster, PA area and wants to try one out with a few different shafts.

Tom, what is the loft of your driver. I might pick it up from you for $100 bucks. :)


Tom November 6, 2014 at 7:07 am

I ordered and received (actually picked it up, because Krank kept screwing up on delivery date), the new Krank back in March 2013. Mine was one of the originals named Element before the legal issues mandated that they change the name. They didn’t have the weights yet, but promised they’d send them as soon as they got them. It’s now November 2014…..and I have yet to receive the weights. I have to say this is typical of what I have experienced with Krank…..lots of promises, but they never deliver. As for the driver, it is gathering dust in my garage. Didn’t like it, actually let quite a few players at my local club try it in hopes they’d want to buy it…..but they all passed. I even offered it at 100 bucks…..but not one taker.


chris December 16, 2014 at 1:03 pm

Hey what’s the loft/ condition. i might pick it up from you :)


birdiexris September 24, 2014 at 1:40 pm

FYI, i’m going to have these in my shop to try with multiple popular shafts when i launch at the end of this year. Yay! I can’t wait.


Ryan August 2, 2014 at 7:29 pm

Appreciate the feedback bfarrell. Good to know I should be good. Tough to know without testing a few options. If this thing would just show up now I should be good


Bfarrell August 2, 2014 at 1:28 am

Ryan… You ordered correctly and will love the krank…. It fits your SS and size
as it is a driver not well suited to the meek. The long shaft and heavyer head takes some grunt
To get it moving….. But man does it move.


Ryan July 28, 2014 at 5:03 pm

Just ordered a 9 degre, 46″ stiff tour shaft. Scared to death the shaft won’t suit me since I’m ordering online with no abil ity to test hit. Saying that I’m taking the plunge as I’ve heard these things go straight. I swing over 110 consistently using an old Cleveland highbore 9.5. I’ll take the extra yardage but the consistency is what I’m after.

6’2″ 240lbs. Did I miss up with the length and shaft stiffness?


David Randazzo July 14, 2014 at 12:43 am

I got my formula five a week ago, i was attracted to Krank because of their long drive reputation and i absolutely love the color scheme. Right away I found the accuracy to be hands down amazing just as good if not better than my SLDR and My 913. i only gained about 15 yards. Ive worked very close with my PGA pro over the years to fit me for my clubs I know what i need in a shaft, I know my launch angle,spin rate,swing speed,shot shape..etc and the lack of retail sales with Krank does hurt them. But the staff at Krank listened to me and got me into the right head and right shaft because I knew what I needed out of a driver. I enjoy the gun shot sound the driver makes. The tall face took me a minute to get used to with my tee height but the driver is extremely forgiving and even on miss hits goes straight and far. The price point not so good but i worked with the sales manager and got a really good deal on my driver. The Interia shaft is a great shaft very well made,the head is great..I am more than impressed with the formula 5 and would recommend it to the 5 to 9 handicapped golfer who knows their swing and their stats..if your looking for something different this is your product…the Krank staff is great they really know their stuff and the customer service is great, i even got a free polo and hat outta the deal…and they don’t have 13 re max long drive titles for nothing…this product isn’t a miracle cure but the looks turn heads,the sound is electrifying and the feel off the face is explosive..and every driver is hand made built for you in Arizona not mass produced and incredibly accurate and I did gain distance.


Skea1980 June 16, 2014 at 9:47 pm

Living in West OZ and it took all of 30min for a consultant to respond to my email. They hand delivered it the next day. Heading to the range today to test it out, if the club is as good as the service rep then it should be amazing. Changing up from a Nike covert with a low spin shaft. Hopefully the 9′ head will marry up perfectly with the same shaft. (Hcp 2).
Fingers Crossed!!


Glenn April 17, 2014 at 8:52 pm

I picked up a 7.5 degree left handed driver and hit it for the first time today, coming over from a Mizuno MX-700 10.5 degree.

I hit a dozen balls with my old driver to get loose and I was getting about 225-240 which is typical.

Then i teed up 24 with the Formula 5.

EVERY drive I hit was right down the middle, and after getting the feel for the shaft, I was pounding drives out there 260-290, and a few rolled well beyond the 300 yard marker.

I was literally in AWE. I have been a loyal Mizuno use for a decade plus, but I will never hit my Mizuno Driver again.

This club was solid sounding, and the ball flight was boring and piercing.. I was flying the 250 marker on every drive.

Great club Krank! thanks!


JRankin March 18, 2014 at 12:16 am

As a person who still uses a Krank El Diablo 1st generation and just qualified for Regionals placing 1st this weekend in my region using the El diablo, with the 3rd longest drive of the day, top 2 others where Krank formula 5 drivers “note only 1 yard in between top 3 drives”. I can tell you Krank has and will be the top drivers. I left Taylormade sponsorship and bought my own from Krank, and will continue too. I’m not one of the big guys, 175 lbs 6′ 1″ but produce a lot of club head speed. The forgiveness of the head, the pop they have and the amount of time the last it far surpass any mass producing company. I can give you a bucket full of talyormade drivers. But have 7 year to 8 year old Kranks that still preform. Remember each Krank head is hand made and gone over, it’s made like a race engine, blue printed. You mite spend more on a Krank then a top known brand that u see in the PGA tour, but I can promise you will own 5 or more PGA branded before your Krank gives out!

Keep it up KRANK, and I will be buying the new Formula for regionals!

On a note Krank, you should ask Art to post what club hitters are using on there website when the qualify.


DRR February 11, 2014 at 2:53 am

Let me start off by saying I AM A CONVERT. I am a scratch golfer who has used Taylormade products for years and never had any big problems with them. I hit the ball pretty good distances (260-280) and was not feeling any need for huge distance gains, but I got invited to a small local Long drive event, and started poking around look at Long drive clubs. I came across Krank and honestly had never heard of them before.

The first Krank driver I ordered was a 47 inch 9 degree x-stiff Inertia tour shafted driver. I hit it strait as day and the carry was huge, but the longer shaft was making it flight like a 3 wood (really high). I called Krank directly and they took it back no questions asked and I got fitted with a 6 degree Flywire 48 inch driver. It is incredible. Like others it took me a couple of times out on the range to get the feel of it, but once I did, I have been hitting the longest and straightest drives of my life.

I played Riviera a few weeks ago (LA Open fame) and played from the full backs (7300 yards) and the distance of the course was no issue. I am ordering several more playing drivers from them (47 inch and 46.5 inches) as the extra shaft length is not always needed. I choke down a bit on the 48 incher as it is a big club, but after getting used to it, I like it and I hit it straighter even at 48 inches than any other driver I have ever owned. Have lasered drivers off the tee no wind at 340-350 range multiple times now. It’s crazy, but it is fanstastic. I’m a fan for life. Keep on making great products Krank.


Griff January 30, 2014 at 7:41 pm

I have the first rbz and thinking about a change but can’t decide on a club. I just read about this club today and it looks awesome. Any ideas of how it stacks up against the rbz.?


Kaos January 31, 2014 at 11:56 pm

Hi Griff,

See my two posts above. I had backspin issues with every TM and other manufacturer’s drivers I hit. The Krank F5 (as well as the Rage) reduced my backspin considerably generally between 500-700 RPMs compared to every driver I hit. That is huge for distance gains. I recently had a friend of mine hit his R11 and my Krank. He agreed that it was no contest in the ball speed off the face. It was in the 50’sF and he was hitting into the wind. Remember my driver was set for me. He was hitting my driver 15-20 yards further in heavy ball and windy conditions. He said he was sold and plans to upgrade to Krank. Also, his R11 was set at his recommended 12.5 degrees of loft and my Krank is a true 7.5 degrees! He had no problems getting it airborne. As I indicated above, I play a lower loft because I have a natural high ball flight.

That result was predictable given the technology and the groove-less face.

I’ll tell you how impressed with their technology I am, I just bought 3 hybrids and a 3W from these guys because their tech is THAT good. and their 13 world long drive championships in the last 4 years back their technology up!

So, Dude…as long as you get the right kick-point shaft, (you can view the shaft stats on Krank’s web site), and the right loft, you will be pumped by the results.

Here is a hint. Go to a golf driver fitting session and get an idea of your, clubhead speed, ball speed, recommended loft(s) and shaft flex. Remember, the shaft you get on your Krank, in all likelihood, will be head and shoulders better than the off-the-shelf shafts they will offer you, (Krank shafts are QUALITY). Give those numbers to the guys at Krank and they should be able to get you fixed up. Those guys know their stuff dude.



Dwayne January 6, 2014 at 10:21 pm

I bought a Krank Formula 5 9 Degree driver in June 2013. Bought head only and due to economic conditions had to shaft it with an Graffaloy Axis Platinum X-flex had stashed in the closet. Had some problems loading this shaft because I am aging poorly but when I did, boom, and I mean boom. Actually a hot boom. Mouth gaping boom, hey let me try that boom, is that legal boom.

This driver head rocks, especially when the ball meets sweet spot. Like they say in Tin Cup, it sets off the tuning fork in your loins,

Most who see this driver have to try it, and when they do, they really like it, Most of them say that it has a great solid feel. Then they ask me how I got it, Took a lesson in September with a teaching pro and he liked it, saw him at a golf dome before XMAS and he had one in his bag,

Ideally, I want to pull out the re-rod shaft and install an EZ-fit hosel adapter so I can try out some high-end shafts, if I can find a fitter who has shafts with EZ-fit adapters because this Krank driver head deserves a shot with a great shaft.

It is hard to find a club fitter who will work with me, Here in the Detroit area we got those “top 100 Golf Digest” type club fitters. They help you fit the box in your trunk, They can fit TMAG, Titleist, Callaway, etc. because these OEMs have the ready-made adapters, but anything else they run and hide.

I didn’t see this review until now, sorry my comments aren’t more timely.


hamish December 19, 2013 at 12:39 am

do you guys think it worth be worth the money to change from a callaway razr x black to the krank driver


Kaos January 5, 2014 at 12:43 am

It is difficult to answer your question not knowing anything about you or your game, swing speed, ball flight bias and backspin etc. However, all I can say is that for my swing and game, I gained about 20-25 yds per drive consistently because the off-the-shelf drivers I get too much backspin. Too much backspin creates lift and balloons my ball flight and kills the roll-out. The Krank drivers cut my backspin CONSIDERABLY and helped increase distance considerably. There is also a marked difference in the shaft quality you will get with your Krank driver versus the off-the-shelf drives. The Krank shafts are very high quality and have consistent kick-points. With the Krank shafts, I found I actually needed a lower lofted face than with the mass marketed drives as I had no problem getting my drives up in the air, (the mass-market clubs tend to have too much loft for me – even those that can be adjusted as they have a 2 degree margin of error in reported loft). I would recommend that you call the folks at Krank and let them help you.


Hamish December 13, 2013 at 12:04 pm

I am looking to gain some more distance and accuracy with my drives and I am wondering whether changing from my callaway razr x black driver to a krank formula 5 driver would make difference


Kaos October 24, 2013 at 1:38 am

The following is my initial experience with the Formula 5 without ever getting to hit it on the range before putting it to the test. Because of the weather, I did not get to hit it on the range before a recent golf trip, but I played it anyway, being it was a Krank.

I am crossing over from the Krank Rage Black to the Formula 5. My swing speed is in the 107-112 MPH range consistently. I average about 265 at sea level (range with this club typically is 250-285), with the Rage Black (up from 245 because of backspin issues with Taylormade drivers). I originally switched to the Rage Black because all the major manf. drivers produced to much backspin for my swing, even with a draw bias. I play a true 8 degree Rage driver and a true 7.5 in the Formula 5. The article is right in that the Formla 5 more accurate, that is, more forgiving and I do hit more fairways with the Formula 5 (about 75-80% with the F5 versus about 68% with the Rage). I am still in the process of converting from the Rage Black, (which BTW I just love), to the Formula 5. Yes, I still play rounds using the Rage as I love the feel at impact. The sound of the Formula 5 has taken some getting use to compared to the Rage. The Rage is a more high pitched sound and the F5 is more of a thud or dull sound. However, the ball speed is incredible off the face and is noticeable compared to most other drivers I have hit coming off the face. (I let a teenage player hit it when he asked about the driver and he commented also about the way the ball jumps off the face).

Obviously, I hit the F5 little lower, (not much and I can tee it a little higher and hit it the same), than my Rage Black and that comes in handy for those windy days. There are days where I hit the Rage with the wind behind me and the F5 into the wind, (mainly because I am still converting and no I don’t violate the number of club rules…:) ) However, I do not have any issues getting either into the air. Although I am still adjusting to the F5, I can say it is more accurate than the Rage. I recently played 11 rounds in Myrtle Beach and had both drivers. Myrtle Beach is at sea level obviously and the air was somewhat heavy all week with temps in the low 70’s. I was typically in the 250-265 range on most drives with the Rage Black and I was in the 255-270 range with the F5. I noticed that on miss-hits the F5 was longer and did not go as far afield right or left as my Rage. The Rage has a stiff Aldila Tour shaft and the F5 has a Fuji Tour stiff shaft, with both cut to 46.25 inches. So, whether it is the face or the shaft that gives more control, I am not sure. One thing I can say is that the F5 face is much bigger than the Rage Black face and has a bigger sweet spot. Personally, I think it is the face and the larger sweet spot that makes it more accurate, as to me, I can’t tell much difference on the way the shafts feel.

My conclusion is that it takes some getting use to, even being a Krank head like I am, but it is well worth the price and effort. If you are coming out of a off-the-shelf driver, you will probably not notice the difference as much as changing from the Rage Black to the Formula 5. I love both drivers!!!! However, I bought the Formula 5 late in the golf season and have not put the Rage Black to bed yet. I will convert totally though in the spring of 2014.

Talk to Lance at Krank if you have any doubts as to what you need and I am sure he will be glad to help you out!



al October 12, 2013 at 11:13 pm

The minute they come down in price I get one! Period!


Skinndeep September 13, 2013 at 3:56 am

Hey Krank team,

congrats to the new Product. Looks great and if I believe your advert and the right up great performance too. I live in Germany and got first site of the driver on golfspy’s first announcement a couple of week ago wrote to them to find out if I can get it in Europe to. I was than contacted two day’s later (good job by the way) by a guys in south Germany, I asked if the would send me a demo which they would have done but it would have cost me 50€ = $67 USD crazy than I asked for the Price they told me the model which would probably suit my game would cost ~ 550€ = 731 $ USD. That puts me out of the equation, we are about 650 000 people playing Golf this price reduced the potential buying force to probably 5000 people. where by may only a 1000 would be motivated enough to spend that kind of money. A shame if you miss out on a market this size, which is obvious minute in comparison to the US, however the potential in Germany is percentage wise bigger than in the US due to the average income/ golfer beeing a bit higher than in the US. I’ll be dreaming on hitting one one day :-)


Krank Golf September 13, 2013 at 7:24 pm

Skinndeep please contact me directly and I can talk more about the clubs. thanks Vince


BR September 12, 2013 at 5:04 pm

I appreciate the testing and report. Additionally, I absolutely agree with Krank’s stated comments above. Solid products, solid business model proven results in the long drive market. The accuracy reporting was a pleasant surprise. I hope to see the fairway woods tested in the near future. Thanks


TOMMIE WILLIAMS September 12, 2013 at 3:22 pm

how can i get it ?


Bart September 13, 2013 at 7:38 am
Rather then ordering on line I would call them and talk to a salesperson. They were very helpful determining what loft and flex I should get. For those concerned about the price, I would suggest you discuss that with the salesperson, they have a little flexibility.

Another comment on pricing: yes Krank is more expensive, but for me in the long run I will save money. Over the last 3 years I have bought 3 drivers, each one gave me a little bump in accuracy or distance. With this Krank driver I have gained a lot of yards and accuracy. This driver is staying in the bag for years to come. So I am going to save $299-$399 because I won’t be buying the next great driver from the big boys each year.


J Heck September 12, 2013 at 2:21 pm

Hi there,i bought a Krank driver with 10,5 degrees and a regular inertia tourshaft.No doubt I am longer with this driver but I am fighting against a slice with this shaft.Could you suggest a shaft which can help me with this problem?


David September 12, 2013 at 10:04 pm

Was your other driver a regular flex? If so I would think your having a swing plane issue more than a flex problem. If I may suggest, take a full shoulder turn which helps flatten the swing plane and on the point of contact make sure left shoulder is pointing at your intended target line and weight on your left side. virtually impossible to cut across the ball if you do. very important you get that left shoulder way behind the ball on your take away or it will be an arm swing and you will come over the top and cut across the ball BIG SLICE. If you do gat new shaft you must get fitted. what works for one person may be totally wrong for you. For an example when I got fitted I gained 25 yards on my drives and the contact felt like butter. My playing partner (a 3 handicap and a 290 Driver) couldn’t hit it and lost yardage. Hope this helps


Michael September 12, 2013 at 2:20 pm

You guys that actually have tried …… I am SO ENVIOUS of YOU….!!!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and maybe one day perhaps but not any day soon…. I would love TO HIT IT…!!!!


Bart September 12, 2013 at 12:11 am

Hi Guys,

I recently ordered this driver from Krank, and I am growing to love it. It has taken me some time to adjust to it but the results I was hoping for are starting to show up on the course. First the looks of this club are awesome! It is beautiful. When you standing over the ball there is nothing distracting in the graphics whatsoever. But everyone you play with will notice the uniqueness of it.

My previous driver was the Razr fit from Callaway, and there are 2 main differences between them. The first is the sound. The Krank Formula 5 has a solid but very loud whack at impact. The Razr Fit was very muted. I wasn’t prepared for this, but it has become a non issue.

The bigger issue for me was the height and width if the head. The Krank Formula has a tall face that is also not as wide as the Razr Fit. When I first started using the Krank Formula I could not find the sweet spot. I was hitting it off the toe, the heel, and usually high on the face. I don’t know if I was over compensating for the taller face or what but it took me 5 or 6 rounds before I started to hit it correctly.

My normal drive with the Razr Fit was in the 240’s with the occasional 260. With the Krank I am starting to see 255-260 as the norm with the occasional 280! This is very exciting for me because I never thought I would ever be able to hit it that far. My last round of I had 2 drives over 270 and one was up hill! I couldn’t find the ball because I was looking 40 yards behind where it was.

My hat is off to Krank for delivering on a great performing driver!


David September 12, 2013 at 5:59 pm

I to had similar experience’s as Bart, took some time but got there. This club is very accurate. If you have a golf swing that reassembles anything close to a swing, this club wants to find the fairway. I personally picked up a few yards (had expectations of more) with that being said, Formula 5 is 30% more accurate than my other driver. More fairways, lower scores. I average 290 and had several drives over 300 with Formula 5


Yohanan September 12, 2013 at 12:03 am

If a reader/poster does not have the facts straight a correction from the point or source of the facts is in order.

What I dont like is when people whine about something then act like its not ok to stand up and tell the truth. Or at least their version of the truth.

I don’t care if it is a person a company or a political leader of the supposed free world.

Frankly this is one of the biggest issues with this country on many levels.

Speak up.

Do the right thing.

And encourage everyone to do so.

Keep up the good word and work Krank.



Whammer September 11, 2013 at 10:54 am

I find KrankGolf’s response above unprofessional and immature. To attack a reader and the competition in such a way is sleezy.
Those who have to stoop to that level should be selling used cars, not golf equipment.


GIO September 12, 2013 at 1:04 pm

In the famous words of Tiger Woods “I’d hit that”


Bfarrell August 2, 2014 at 1:21 am

Such a baby whammer…. Grow a pair will you.
I bet you love TM.


RAT September 10, 2013 at 6:05 pm

Almost ordered one a couple months back, but a couldn’t hit one before buying so I backed out.I love the looks, it’s scary looking.I still would like a test ride but how?


KrankGolf September 10, 2013 at 5:25 pm

Joe Golfer, as price is an issue with most people please think about this:

When you buy your Cally club or Taylormade club in a store, how do you feel knowing that your club you purchased is the hottest thing for 4 months, to only be out performed but another model than to be surpassed by another the months following the latter? We have come out with 5 clubs heads in 10 years, I am sure Callaway and Taylormade have come out with 5 heads in two year, maybe more. But they do it because they have to in order to get sales. So, they do lesser the cost of the clubs from months before knowing they have two more models in the works already. Is that fair to the consumer? To us its not, so we make an amazing product knowing its going to work for a long while till we better the design or make a whole new design. Price is key to selling more, and we will take into consideration this as the months come along. As for the Long Drive comment, Callaway is not taking everyone in the sport, Our team is the most elite out there with the most wins under our belt with the same guys. Cobra, has no one now and we just got Jason Zuback hitting last year who just missed the finals by a couple yards and looking for the final 8 this year hitting our heads again. So I do not think you follow the sport that well or get your intel from the correct sources. Were you suggesting that we need not to be picky on our team, or pricing that will make us the company that used to be known as? Because so far we have only increased in our business and never fallen off track. Thanks for commenting.


Dean May 19, 2014 at 5:10 pm

Krank golf I’m from Australia and I have watched on youtube alot of longdrive comps and I applaud you guys for what you do make and present to the public ..I’ve never seen a krank driver yet but by seeing it on youtube and reading on longdrive on the net you guys have it 100% ..I’m 46 yrs old I play golf I was off 10 after just playing for 2 yrs with no lessons till I folded my knee had 5 yrs off gone through a bit of hell in a separation with kids involved but golf is my saviour ..I hit a long ball I been told i average around 290 meters best ever was 357 down wind assisted i would love to know where to get one of these driver here in victoria a Australia but fitted to me for longdrive perpases just as a interest to see how I would go nice to bomb it in a social round rather than just pass them by 30 yrs with my old stick ..any info would be greatly appreciated ..Regards Dean ..


Pieter June 19, 2014 at 10:05 pm

Hey Guys at Krank, heres one for you. I bought my Krank Rage in 2009 with a Diesel Tour Lite shaft, Stiff, and gained in every respect. My previous club was a SMT with Graphalloy Blue shaft. So the novelty wore off after a few years, and I was stuck at 280 meters. I decided to visit my local Pro Shop, called The Pro Shop and inquire about drivers. They took me to the swing monitor and I hit the one 300 dollar driver after the next, my club head speed was mostly around 112mph, with low launched and high back spin, softly ballooning the ball every time. I realized I had developed a swing for my Krank and asked if I could go and get my club from my car and swing a few just as comparison, eager to sell me clubs they said it would be fine. First swing I am at 118mph with 400rpm less back spin, second and third swing I was over 120mph, the sales people at the Pro Shop started bringing custom fitted tour drivers at much more than the Krank, and I was able to squeeze one or two clubhead speeds at 115mph, but spraying the ball because I was reaching for it. The sales people asked to swing my club. I had everyone swing my club and all were smiling bigtime. They said it has to be illegal because all of them, including myself experienced less backspin, higher ball speed, higher club speed. So if it all comes down to fact, I witnessed scratch and low single figure players trying to sell me clubs, praise this Krank Rage, and due to the stats on the swing monitor, they questioned the legality of the club as per USGA conformances. To me that was awesome. The fact that they question the legality tells me straight away that they think it is long, too long. I know I will never change because SMT was great, better than my OEM drivers, but Krank is MUCH BETTER!!! To Whammer and Rat and all the ret of you guys, its real simple, it is the best driver on the market, hit it yourself!!!!!


Joe Golfer September 9, 2013 at 10:07 pm

The look is okay with me, though I’d prefer less graphics along the edges of the top.
I wish they’d be more reasonable on the price of a component clubhead.
I realize they want to be a “boutique” golf shop, charging more for the impression that smaller is better, but I just can’t buy that.
Nobody knows how that shaft is going to play for them. Will the stiff be stiffer than most, less stiff? Will the kickpoint and frequency pattern fit my swing? Nobody knows, so buyers are just guessing at what they’ll be getting.
I do like the tall face of the clubhead.
But $399 for a clubhead when I can buy a brand new OEM club for less, and a brand new model that is six months old or last year’s model for far far less.
With companies like Callaway and Cobra stealing the guys on the long driving circuit, Krank better stop being so picky and start being a lot more flexible on their price, or else they’ll be known a year from now as the company that used to be known as Krank.


Kaos February 1, 2014 at 12:54 am

Joe Golfer,

Dude, you have no idea! You speak, but your comments are not based on facts. So what if you cannot afford the price of a Krank. Dude, I am hear to tell you that these drivers perform, (and 13 world long drive championships in last four years prove the point). If you know your stats, (CH speed, backspin, ball speed, ball flight, etc.), I would bet the farm that you will gain distance and/or accuracy with the Krank F5 (without regard to the above review – and I wonder if that review was based on known stats and a conversation with the guys at Krank). As I stated below, Krank drivers have given me 20-25 yards, on average, distance gains and I probably picked up 10% fairway accuracy versus my old TM driver. As far as the shafts are concerned, I have NEVER hit shafts that I was more impressed with unless I was hitting a demo $250-$300 shaft in a club. Plus, look at the long drive numbers. You will see a ton of guys hitting Krank. You also will see Krank numbers year over year just keep improving. After all, a Team Krank member has won the World LD Championship four years running!


Chris September 9, 2013 at 9:27 pm

Nice job. If you like the look and can afford it, it sounds like a good option. I am not a big fan of the look and I have never paid that much for a driver so I will not be purchasing one but it is good to hear that they performed well.


Slim September 9, 2013 at 2:16 pm

Are y’all going to post numbers/data for this club for all the swing speeds?!?! Don’t gve us a bunch of words and nothing to back it up!


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